Comtech Signs NG911 Services Contract That Could Exceed $250 Million

Comtech CMTL -0.45%↓ has announced that it signed a contract, which could potentially be worth more than $250 million, with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for continued operation and maintenance of the state’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) system.

Comtech signs NG911 deal that could be worth $250 million (Image: Comtech).

The new Massachusetts contract will have an initial five-year term from August 1, 2024 through July 31, 2029.

Among other NG911 technologies, Comtech uses its Guardian Map to manage calls with a 3D geolocation and mapping application. Guardian Map uses geographic information system (GIS) spatial and geographic data with locally hosted and base maps and Esri ArcGIS Online maps.

Comtech, which ousted its CEO Ken Peterman in March and has yet to replace him, has made significant inroads in NG911 markets. In February, the company signed a $48 million deal with the state of Washington for NG911 services. In April, the Arizona Department of Administrations transitioned to Comtech’s NG911 services.


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