Wialon Telematics Platform Reaches 3.5 Million Connected Vehicles  

Gurtam has announced that its Wialon telematics and IoT platform has enabled more than 3.5 million units connected worldwide.  When counting connected vehicles and other assets, Gurtam claims Wailon it is now the largest fleet management platform in the world.

These numbers include not only cargo and passenger vehicle fleets, but special machinery as well as such stationary units as generators and fuel storage.

Gurtam says its Wailon fleet platform is the world’s largest (Photo: Gurtam).

While many industry observers say Geotab is the world’s large fleet management company, Wailon, which says it has more than 2,400 partners, said it reached the 3.5-million connected vehicle when it installed a fleet of ambulances in Africa.  Overall, the company said it gained these large numbers predominately operating in France and West Africa.


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