NextNav Launches First European Testbed

NextNav NN -1.64%↓ has announced the first European commercial testbed for its Pinnacle vertical location technology.  Located in Paris, the testbed will demonstrate Pinnacle benefits for local emergency response agencies and integration with applications and devices from existing company partners.

The company said that the Paris NextNav testbed will serve as a springboard to launch its 3D GPS services in Europe.  “This initial deployment will enable us to demonstrate our Pinnacle technology to industry partners and pave the way for delivering not only superior floor-level accuracy, but also resilient 3D PNT capabilities through a terrestrial-based system in the near future,” said Ambroise Popper, NextNav France general manager and vice president, in a statement.

NextNav opens European testbed in Paris (Photo: NextNav).

The European testbed announcement follows a recent European Joint Research Centre (JRC) report, which noted NextNav’s floor-level vertical location accuracy and ability to provide a resilient layer for traditional GPS services, the company said.

Overall, the company plans to tailor its terrestrial-based system’s 3D position, navigation, and timing (PNT) information to European emergency services, logistics, telecommunications and other sectors.


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