ESA Requests 500 Million Euros for PNT Projects

The European Space Agency is requesting 500 million euros over the next three years to support such initiatives as FutureNav.  ESA, which is making the request at a ministerial council meeting, says the new funding will support projects that go beyond its EU-led Galileo satellite navigation system.

The European Space Agency is requesting nearly $400 for PNT projects that go beyond its Galileo constellation (Image: ESA).

One program, called GENESIS, will consist of measurement technologies on a satellite to improve navigation and other applications.  FutureNav will develop two advance satellite navigation technology missions.

Another program, called LEO-PNT, tests a proposed low Earth orbit constellation through a 6-12 satellite demonstration.

  • ESA would also support a project called Moonlight, which tests navigation and communications services for future Moon missions.


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