Huawei Launches First Commercial 5G Indoor Positioning Solution

Saying it has reached 1-3 meter accuracy 90 percent of the time, Huawei launched its commercial 5G indoor positioning solution at its Global Analyst Summit.  The company said the accuracy makes beacon-free positioning easier in complex indoor use cases, while supporting open standard interfacing to industry applications.

The company said that 5G positioning was introduced in the 3GPP Release 16, with a designed accuracy of 3 meters for 80 percent of the time indoors.  The increased accuracy allows indoor positioning use for manufacturing, warehousing and transportation applications, said Marvin Chen, Huawei’s DIS product line president, in a statement.

Huawei tested 5G indoor positioning at China’s Suzhou Metro (Photo: Huawei).

“Exceeding the 3GPP requirements, such a high level of positioning accuracy and reliability allows most business applications to adequately locate personnel, equipment, and materials.” Chen said.  “3GPP is now working to increase the accuracy to within 1 meter to fulfill the requirements on higher-accuracy positioning in various industries.”

The company said that its 5G indoor positioning is split between LampSite Enterprise Edition (EE) and on-premises location service (LCS) modules.  The new product supports open standard interfacing to third-party platforms and applications that need location information, the company said.

The product uses uplink time difference of arrival (UTDOA) and field strength fingerprint-based technologies to ensure indoor positioning can be implemented in both light-of-sight (LOS) and non-light-of-sight (NLOS) environments, the company said.  Other features include radio simultaneous localization and mapping (Radio SLAM) and AI-based big data clustering iteration algorithm.


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