Polte Partners With Druid Software

Druid Software has partnered Polte to add location technology for enterprise 4G/5G private networks. The partnership will package the location capability into Druid’s Location Management Function (LMF) on its core platform for industrial, healthcare and other markets, the company said.

Polte has partnered with Druid Software for location capability (Photo: Polte).

The Druid Raemis core platform, which is 3GPP-compliant on a 4G/5G core network, can be deployed on edge hardware devices.  For its part, Polte is producing the location component of the LMF for 5G as well as an Enhanced Serving Mobile Location Center (ESMLC) for 4G, the company said.

This integration equips Raemis with Polte’s C-LoC technology.  The company says, with 5G precise positioning, Polte provides sub-meter level accuracy indoors within a private network.  This extends to sub-3 meters’ accuracy outdoors, the company said.

Contact: Christina Wicker, Polte, (949) 527-0923, christina@polte.com, www.polte.com.


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