Companies Make Digital Twin Technology Transaction

Several companies this week have touted transactions that include digital twin development.  One company, Woolpert, has acquired Ireland-based Murphy Geospatial, which provides survey, mobile and indoor mapping, asset monitoring, subsurface engineering and 3D digital twin development.

After buying the 400-employee company, Woolpert said that it was expanding its geospatial services Europe, including all forms of mapping.  Murphy Geospatial CEO Niall Murphy will continue to head the company.

HERE Technologies and Bedrock Analytics will develop digital twin tech for Thailand project (Image: HERE Technologies).

Another company, HERE Technologies has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with data and analytics firm Bedrock Analytics to develop digital twin technologies for Thailand-based Yala’s Smart City initiative.  The digital twins, a virtual model of a real-world project, will feature such map data as road infrastructure, 3D building models, points of interest (POIs) and house addresses.

This data will serve as the foundation for creating a digital twin replica of the city for city planners, government officials, and policymakers, the company said.  The digital twins will provide real-time insights into city dynamics and facilitate predictive analysis for informed decision-making, the company said.

In other digital twin technology news:

  • Siemens said it would acquire ebm-papst’s industrial drive technology (IDT) business, which includes motion control systems used in driverless transport systems.  The company said the deal will complement its IoT-enabled Xcelerator portfolio, which taps into such technologies as AI and digital twins.
  • Hexagon‘s Geosystems division and the Nemetschek Group have partnered to drive the adoption of digital twins by offering their customers an integrated end-to-end workflow for efficient and sustainable building operations, the company said.
  • Autonomous driving company TIER IV’s research proposal was selection in the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Space Exploration Innovation Hub‘s 11th “Open Innovation Hub for Expanding Humanosphere and Domain of Human Activity through Solar System Frontier Development” request for proposal (RFP).  This research aims to create high-quality and large-scale digital twins to simulate AD environments, capitalizing on the NeRF world model. The project is set to develop a neural simulator capable of pre-constructing NeRF models from camera and LiDAR sensor data from autonomous vehicles.


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