Lockheed Martin Gets $744 Million GPS 3F Contract Option

Lockheed Martin LMT -0.59%↓ has been awarded a $744 million U.S. Space Force contract for three GPS 3F satellites.  The contract option is part of a $7.2 billion 2018 procurement that calls for as many as 22 satellites.

The new GPS 3F satellites, space vehicles 18, 19 and 20, include advanced anti-jamming capabilities, search and rescue payload, an enhanced nuclear detection detonation system and better geolocation accuracy.

Lockheed Martin gets a $744 million U.S. Space Force contract for three GPS 3F satellites (Image: Lockheed Martin).

FrontierSI Signs LEO Satellite Agreement

In other satellite news, FrontierSI has signed an agreement with Geoscience AustraliaCurtin University and the University of Newcastle to enhance Ginan (Geoscience Australia’s GNSS analysis center software).  The company said new features will support low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites as an important component of Geoscience Australia’s Positioning Australia program.

The company said the agreement “complements ongoing Ginan Precise Orbit Determination (POD) development activities, focusing on the implementation of LEO satellite modelling and the orbit integrator/propagator capabilities needed to enable LEO GNSS data to be processed and high precision LEO satellite trajectories estimated and predicted.”



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