Millions in Lawn Mowers?  u-blox Anticipates $100 Million in Sales

Saying it has partnered with the majority of robotic lawn mower manufacturers, Thalwil, Switzerland-based u-blox anticipates more than $100 million in expected market segment revenue.  The company says the sales, starting this year, are because of the strong presence of GNSS technology in robotic lawn mowing.

“Achieving centimeter-level accuracy in GNSS broadens the possibilities for implementing this technology across multiple markets.  I am confident that we’ll witness a growing adoption of high-precision positioning technology in various products,” said Stephan Zizala, u-blox CEO, in a statement.

u-blox says it anticipates $100 million in sales from robotic lawn mower market (Photo: u-blox).

The company said that the development of real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS systems, capable of delivering centimeter-level accuracy, have significantly increased the performance of robotic lawn mowers.  The precise positioning and navigation eliminate the need for boundary wires, ensure systematic mowing without overlap, provide even mowing and desired patterns while protecting sensitive areas like flowerbeds from accidental damage, u-blox said.

Overall, the robotic lawn mower market is expected to reach 2.6 million units this year—and grow by 18.5 percent in the next few years, according to an ABI Research report that was quoted by u-blox.  The company believes that there will be a 33 market robotic lawn mower penetration rate for GNSS technology by the end of the decade.


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