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MiX Telematics Signs 3,000 Subscribers in Latin America

MiX Telematics MIXT 2.17%↑ has signed more than 3,000 new subscribers in Latin America in the last two quarters. Several new customers in the bus and coach industry have signed with the company, including “the largest urban public transport company in the Brazil state of Goias.  The company already has more than 2,000 subscribers with MiX across several other bus and coach companies in Brazil, the company said.

Contact:  Matt Glover, for MiX Telematics, (949) 574-3860, mixt@gatewayir.comwww.mixtelematics.com.

Trimble Launches Dwell Time Metrics for Fleet Management

Trimble TRMB 0.10%↑ has announced today that its Fleet Manager, provided as part of its Mobility telematics portfolio, is now the first back-office fleet management solution to offer industry-specific average dwell time metrics.  Trimble’s Connected Locations workflow makes this dwell time data directly available within  Fleet Manager, the company said.

Trimble’s Fleet Manager offers industry-specific dwell time metrics (Image: Trimble).

By combining anonymized live and historical GPS data streams with millions of geofenced locations, Trimble is bridging the gap to address this disconnect between fleets and their customers, providing transparency around facility dwell times.  In January 2023, Trimble’s Engage Lane launched a similar Connected Locations integration.

Contact:  Lea Ann McNabb, (408) 481-7808, leaann_mcnabb@trimble.comwww.transportation.trimble.com.

Descartes Labs Partners With Comtech

Descartes Labs has announced that they will become Comtech’s CMTL 2.91%↑ third EVOKE technology partner.  Descartes Labs will integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive intelligence, and monitoring insights across Comtech’s business verticals, the company said.  EVOKE is Comtech’s Innovation Foundry, led by the company’s Chief Growth Officer Anirban Chakraborty, is dedicated to creating and accelerating transformational changes across the global technology landscape, the company said.

Contact: Tanya Cross, Decartes Labs, (719) 424-9915, tanya.cross@descarteslabs.com.

Orolia Partners With Xona Space Systems

Orolia has announced a partnership with Xona Space Systems to develop support for Xona’s Low-Earth-Orbit constellation and navigation signals in its Skydel-powered simulation and testing products.  Xona is developing PULSAR – a positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) service enabled by a commercial constellation of dedicated LEO satellites.

Orolia and Xona partner (Image: Xona Space Systems).

Xona’s PULSAR service will augment existing GNSS while also operating as an independent PNT constellation, the company said.

Contact:  Jaime Jaramillo, (906) 250-3955, jaime@xonaspace.com, www.xonaspace.com.

Valeo Lidar Selected By Asian, U.S. Automakers

Valeo said its SCALA 3 LiDAR has been chosen by “a leading Asian manufacturer” and “a leading American robotaxi company.”  Valeo has now registered orders worth more than 1 billion euros for SCALA 3, the company said.

Valeo’s SCALA 3 lidar selected by Asian, U.S. automakers (Image: Valeo).

With more than  12 million pixels per second, Valeo SCALA 3 generates a 3D image of the vehicle’s surroundings delivering a point cloud for an automotive system, the company said.

Contact:  Valeo, 33 6 67 88 89 33, press-contact.mailbox@valeo.com.

Zonar Rolls Out Inspection Builder

Zonar has announced the availability of Inspection Builder, a configuration tool within its electronic verified inspection reporting product, EVIR Mobile.  With Inspection Builder, fleets can edit existing inspections or create new ones, the company said.  Other capabilities include the ability to use a Map View feature to ease driver workflows and onboarding.

Contact:  Larry Meyers, for Zonar, (310) 721-9587, zonarpr@rhstrategic.com.

Danalto Partners With Sewio Networks

Dublin-based danalto has announced it has partnered with Sewio Networks to strengthen its positioning intelligence offering to track assets or personnel across indoor and outdoor environments.  The company’s Cardinal platform ingests data from positioning radios and uses signal strength and advanced algorithms to determine single points of position, the company said.

Contact: danalto, www.danalto.com

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Decisiv Adds Location Information to Application

Decisiv has announced the addition of asset location information to its SRM Sentinel Asset Management application.  The Decisiv enhancement, which will allow users to view the location of any asset and identify the nearest service centers, will also be available for the first time in the Geotab Marketplace.  Decisiv SRM Sentinel users can use current asset location to search for nearby service providers across the company’s network of more than 5,000 locations.

Contact:  Mark Wasilko, Decisiv, (804) 762-4153, mwasilko@decisiv.comwww.decisiv.com.

ARway Offers Indoor Location Capability

ARway now offers AI-powered floor plan alignment, positioning, re-localization and expanded map analytics capabilities.  Arway filed a provisional patent for their digital twin technology to create and manage virtual replicas of physical spaces, the company said.  ARway’s latest feature provides map creators with AI-powered real-time floor plan alignment functionality, the company said.

Contact:  Julia Viola, (866) 274-8493, investor.relations@arway.ai, www.nextechar.com.

Energous and Thinaer Partner

Energous WATT 1.14%↑ has partnered with Thinaer to bring innovative wireless charging technology to the industrial IoT market. Thinaer will incorporate Energous’ wireless power transfer technology.  The combined solution combines Thinaer’s platform and Energous’ wireless charging hardware to provide solutions with passive BLE tags for asset tracking and environmental monitoring.

Contact:  Thinaer, PR@thinaer.io, www.thinaer.io.

Reveal Mobile Announces GCM Location Integration

Geofencing company Reveal Mobile has announced a new integration with Google GOOG 2.35%↑ Campaign Manager 360, enabling its customers to measure offline conversions attributed to their GCM campaigns.  With Reveal Mobile’s integration, marketers can send location visit events to GCM so they can be counted as conversions and get attribution reporting for their location-based campaigns, the company said.

Contact:  Reveal Mobile, https://revealmobile.com.

CenTrak Launches Asset Tracking and Management Solution

CenTrak has launched a Selective Certainty Solution within its Multi-Mode offering for asset tracking and management. Selective Certainty leverages Wi-Fi networks to allow customers faster time-to-value and gain zonal-level locating, as well as room-level certainty within chosen areas, the company said.  CenTrak is introducing its fourth generation of the environmental monitoring sensor and releasing Mini Multi-Mode Asset Tags.

Contact: Heather Fretz, for CenTrak, hfretz@bnoinc.com.

Assured Telematics Receives Integration Award from Geotab

Assured Telematics has been awarded a Geotab Innovation in Integration Award. This award recognizes Assured Telematics as the Geotab Channel Partner whose use of Geotab’s scalable and reliable software development kit drove data value beyond Geotab solutions.  Assured Telematics had the highest innovation score in the category, the company said.

Contact:  Frank Pellitta, Assured Telematics, media@assured-telematics.comwww.assuredtelematics.com.

Beaconsmind Acquires Socialwave

Beaconsmind has agreed to acquire Socialwave GmbH for 10 million euro.  The sale will be funded by a combination of low-coupon debt, cash and 350,000 new beaconsmind shares to the sellers.  Socialwave is an automated location-based marketing service provider offering guest Wi-Fi.

Contact:  Max Weiland, beaconsmind, 41 44 380 73-73, maxweiland@beaconsmind.comwww.beaconsmind.com.

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