Overture Maps Foundation Releases Beta of Its First Open Map Dataset

Overture Maps Foundation has announced the beta release of its global open map dataset.  Developers can begin beta tests using Overture’s data and schema for commercial mapping applications and geospatial analysis.

While incremental changes are anticipated, Overture expects the data and schema to be substantially stable. Production releases are expected to begin in the summer, the foundation said.

Overture Maps Foundation releases a beta version of its global open map dataset (Image: Overture).

“This beta release brings together multiple sources of open data, has been through several validation tests, is formatted in a new schema and has an entity reference system that allows attachment of other spatial data.  This is a significant step forward for open map data by delivering data that is ready to be used in applications,” said Marc Prioleau, Overture’s executive director, in a statement.

Prioleau said that such foundation members as Meta $META are basing its map solutions on Overture data.  Microsoft $MSFT is adopting Overture worldwide to add coverage on Bing Maps.

Esri is beginning to use Overture data to publish new 2D and 3D map layers in ArcGIS, and TomTom [TOM2] will be incorporating Overture data into their Orbis Maps.

The beta release includes five base layers, formatted in the foundation’s schema and assigned GERS IDs.  New features include places of interest for 54 million pieces of information worldwide; 2.3 billion unique building footprints; a worldwide network of roads, footpaths and other travel infrastructure; administrative boundaries to include borders that are translated into 40 different languages; and contextual base layers that include land and water data and help complete display maps when needed, Overture said.


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