Super Bowl Teams Feature Company’s Tracking Solution

Both teams in this year’s NFL Super Bowl are Boston-based Catapult [CAT] clients— who use its Catapult Vector to measure player performance.  The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals use the Catapult Vector, a wearable product that provides teams with performance data.

Catapult Vector uses GPS and LPS tracking technology, heart-rate monitoring, and inertial sensors.  Catapult Vector allows NFL teams to leverage the company’s position-specific algorithms for quarterbacks and linemen to understand football positional demands, the company said.  The data can be combined with Catapult’s video analysis product that teams use to make “coaching decisions, avoid injuries, and return injured athletes to play faster.”

Catapult Vector Used By NFL Teams (Image: Catapult).

Catapult, which has been a partner to the NFL since 1996, said this is the first year that Catapult has been working with all of the league’s 32 teams.  Nearly half of the league’s teams are multi-solution customers, using both performance data and video analysis, the company said.

Catapult has most NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college teams as clients, including all four teams in this year’s College Football Playoffs.

Contact:  Blair Hammond, Catapult Sports,


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