BTG Positioning and GPR Sign $40 Million Contract to Supply Advanced Positioning Technology

BTG Positioning Systems and GPR Ground Positioning Radar have partnered to bring positioning technology to seaports.  The companies, which have been working together for a year, say that the $40 million agreement grants BTG exclusive rights to the use of GPR’s core technology in seaports.

The technology at the forefront is GPR, or Ground Positioning Radar, which is the same as the company’s name.  The radar penetrates and scans the subsurface to allow vehicles to localize and determine their positioning with centimeter-level accuracy, the company said.

Because of unreliable GNSS signals, bad weather, low visibility, and expense, the companies say their technology can use ground-penetrating radar to position autonomous equipment that is used in seaports.

For its part, BTG Positioning Systems has supplied  absolute positioning measurement systems for vehicles and cranes in automated container terminals for 30 years.  Both companies believe the market is strong as seaports handle 80 percent of the world’s global trade.



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