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u-blox and Position Partners Launch PointPerfect GNSS in Australia

Thalwil, Switzerland-based u-blox [UBXN] has partnered with Position Partners to expand coverage of the PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service to Victoria and New South Wales, including Melbourne and Sydney as an initial step to rolling out the service in Australian and New Zealand.

PointPerfect will enable positioning for a number of applications in New Zealand and Australia (Photo: u-blox).

Available via Thingstream, PointPerfect is the first Precise Point Positioning, Real-Time Kinematic positioning solution commercialized in the region, the company said.  Position Partners and u-blox rollout positioning for services ranging from autonomous shuttles and public transport to service robots and other IoT uses, the company said.

Contact:  Gina Velde, Position Partners, 61 402 066 962,
gvelde@positionpartners.com.au, www.positionpartners.com.au.

Innoviz Grabs Lidar Order From Commercial Vehicle OEM

Innoviz Technologies INVZ 3.05%↑ has announced that it has received a several hundred unit purchase order from “a commercial vehicle [OEM]” for its InnovizTwo lidar.  The order will be delivered to the customer throughout 2023, beginning in the second quarter, the company said.  Innoviz has four series production awards, including VolkswagenBMW and an Asia-based electric vehicle OEM.

Contact:  Innovizmedia@innoviz-tech.comwww.innoviz-tech.com.

Esri and EVERYWHERE, WhatsApp Partner

EVERYWHERE has partnered with Esri to bring geospatial intelligence to its Always Connected platform.  The ability for users to see their Esri base maps, relative to where both their personnel and assets are located, is crucial to making informed and global timely decisions, the company said.

Esri and EVERYWHERE partner (Image: Esri).

In other company EVERYWHERE and WhatsApp have partnered to integrate Iridium satellite connectivity with global event notifications.​​  The company said that WhatsApp, through its Always Connected platform, now can be used globally.

Contact:  Jake Bailey, EVERYWHERE, (585) 749-9733, jake.bailey@everywherecomms.com, www.everywherecomms.com.

Veripos Launches Apex PRO Correction Services

Veripos has launched Apex PRO Correction Services with Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division’s RTK From the Sky technology.  RTK From the Sky enables global, centimeter-level precise point positioning (PPP) accuracy in as fast as 3 minutes, the company said.

Offshore oil rig and support vessel with Apex PRO Corrections overlay (Photo: Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning).

With RTK From the Sky, Apex PRO becomes the world’s first high-accuracy, quad-frequency and quad-constellation correction service for offshore positioning, the company said.  Apex PRO is compatible with existing Veripos hardware and software, including the LD8, LD900 and Quantum visualisation software.

Contact:  Jessica Fielding, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division, (403) 919 3388, jessica.fielding@hexagon.com.

Air Force Test Pilot School Partners With StarNav

The U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School has partnered with StarNav to test a unique GPS system on a special T-38C Talon from Holloman Air Force Base.  The system aims to provide more reliable and accurate positioning and timing information to aircraft by using existing onboard antennas, the company said.

With the successful test, StarNav said that more accurate navigation information using the L5 GPS signal is becoming enabled with Air Force aircraft.

Contact:  StarNavinfo@starnav.io, www.starnav.io.

Sheeva.AI Launches SheevaLocate

Sheeva.AI has announced the launch of its SheevaFence and SheevaLocate products.  SheevaLocate is a patented software solution to enable highly accurate vehicle location within 2 meters, the company said.

Sheeva.AI launches SheevaFence and SheevaLocate (Image: Sheeva.AI).

SheevaFence is a patent-pending, cloud-based platform and associated APIs that enables a proprietary geofencing and mapping solution for point-of-service localization (for individual fuel dispenser, EV charging plug, parking space), the company said.  The products are currently in trials with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers globally.

Contact:  Trevor Curwin, Sheeva.AI, (415) 646-6063, tcurwin@sheeva.ai, www.sheeva.ai.

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Kontakt.io Partners With Signify For Indoor IoT Location Services

Kontakt.io has partnered with Signify to incorporate BLE-powered indoor IoT and location services into Signify’s connected lighting solutions.  This allows healthcare providers to future-proof building infrastructure, the company said.

Kontakt.io Partners with Signify to Enable Smart Lighting with Indoor IoT and Real-Time Location Services (Image: Kontakt.io)

The connected lighting solutions come with cloud services and IoT sensors that track the real-time location of BLE tags carried by staff, patients and medical devices, the company said.  This connectivity will also enable input from patient-room sensors through APIs, offer room-level location as-a-service and support mobile indoor navigation.

Contact:  Olivia Wang, Kontakt.io, pr@kontakt.io.

Klika Tech Wins Best in Show at Embedded World

Klika Tech won Best in Show Award for its ASTRA Asset Tracking Solution, co-created with Amazon Web Services and 1NCE, at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany.  Klika Tech leveraged 1NCE’s CoAP broker and AWS’ IoT Core Device Location service to power ASTRA.  ASTRA allows partners to select their preferred asset trackers and seamlessly integrate them into their existing platforms, the company said.

Contact: Klika Techcontact@klika-tech.comwww.klika-tech.com.

Platform Science Partners With ConMet

Platform Science has partnered with ConMet Digital to offer a telematics portfolio in Platform Science’s marketplace. The ConMet Digital suite of products provides fleet managers, drivers, and dispatchers with real-time visibility of a vehicle, including critical component condition and asset location, the company said.

Platform Science Brings ConMet Digital’s Telematics Portfolio to Fleet Solutions Catalog (Image: Platform Science).

Platform Science’s innovative transportation solutions make it easier for fleets to develop, deploy, and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles.

Contact:  Platform Sciencewww.platformscience.com.

RedFlag Introduces Location-Targeted Messages

RedFlag has released functionality features including hyper-targeted messages based on real-time location, visual and customizable geofencing and a new recipient mobile app.  Companies with location-based needs now have the ability to deliver hyper-relevant communication to their entire workforce within seconds, the company said.   RedFlag’s new geofencing map allows administrators to see a view of app recipients, static locations, mobile fleets and physical assets, the company said.

Contact:  RedFlag, www.pocketstop.com/redflag.

GeoJunxion and Wizzy Maps Partner For Location Services

GeoJunxion has partnered with Amsterdam-based WizzyMaps for mapping and location services.  The first product of the collaboration includes an outdoor interactive venue plan of the Zuiderzeemuseum.

Zuiderzeemuseum last-mile map (Image: GeoJunxion).

WizzyMaps and GeoJunxion recently collaborated on a last-mile mapping solution for the soccer match Netherlands-Gibraltar.

Contact: GeoJunxion, 31 (0)10 885 1200, info@geojunxion.com.

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