Verizon Connect Expands New Asset Tracker, Updates Fleet Management Platforms

Verizon Connect VZ 0.05%↑ has announced new updates for mobile workforce management platforms and rolled out its new Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) into Canada.

The company also said it upgraded OEM data support through AEMP 2.0 integration for heavy duty machinery from such OEMs as John Deere DE 0.86%↑.  The new upgrades allow businesses to locate, find out the productivity and health of their equipment, the company said.

Verizon Connect updates fleet management products (Image: Verizon Connect).

“​​By providing customers with a single-pane-of-glass view into their data through our platform, we’re able to help them make faster and better decisions when it comes to their equipment operations and management,” said Erin Cave, Verizon Connect’s global vice president of product management, in a statement.

Overall, Verizon Connect EAT is now available for its Connect Fleet and Reveal in the United States and Canada.  The company’s AEMP 2.0 data points, for telematics integration, provide KPIs and metrics that can be used for maintenance planning and job allocation.

Contact:  Erin Cheever, Verizon,


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