‍UnaBiz Signs Distribution Agreement, Seeks $100M Funding

Singapore-based UnaBiz signed a distribution agreement with Soracom to offer cellular connectivity to its customers.  The deal allows UnaBiz customers access to Soracom’s global cellular networks, which include 350 mobile carriers in 170 countries.

The deal initially calls for customers located in Singapore, Taiwan, France, Spain and Portugal will be able to purchase IoT SIMs from local operators or contact UnaBiz for cellular-based IoT solutions, the company said.

UnaBiz signs distro agreement with Soracom, seeks $100 million in funding (Image: UnaBiz).

UnaBiz, which recently signed a deal with Paris-based Actility, has a robust asset tracking background, particularly in niche markets.  One of these is in tracking beer kegs, a market where the company says 12 percent go missing each year.  UnaBiz has supplied Konvoy Kegs’ 120,000-unit fleet in Australia and New Zealand with its IoT tracking solution, Kegfox beacons.

The company also announced last month that J Networks has connected 10,000 plastic pallets on AMO-SNet’s 0G Network powered by UnaBiz’ Sigfox 0G technology. The deal was the first asset tracking system in South Korea’s pallet pooling business using a tracker designed by ALPS, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electromechanical devices.

UnaBiz, which owns the Sigfox IoT brand and technology, raised $10 million in Series A funding in 2018—which was led by Soracom.  In published reports, UnaBiz said it plans to raise an additional $100 million in a Series C round, primarily to sell IoT solutions in Japan, according to The Nikkei.


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