Pozyx Introduces RTLS Planning Suite, Exhibiting at SXSW

Belgian real-time tracking provider Pozyx recently rolled out its RTLS (real-time location solutions) rolled out its RTLS Planning Suite for anchor and network planning.  The company also said it is exhibiting at next week’s South by Southwest conference in Austin in the Belgian Pavilion.

The company, which has championed the use of ultra-wide band (UWB) real-time location solutions (RTLS), was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from Ghent University in Belgium.

Pozyx CEO and co-founder Samuel Van de Velde said that when the company launched, UWB was seen as a niche location technology.  “Many companies compared UWB to four other location technologies—it’s something we saw in our first two years,” he said.  “We were able to show proven installations, demonstrate that it is accurate and the business value for companies.”

One of the big initial projects for Pozyx wasn’t industrial, it was farming, Van de Velde said.  “One of our main customers was agriculture animal tracking.  We had an OEM partner selling [an RTLS] to their dealing network in dairy farming,” he said.  “It had to be easy to install.  In that environment, you couldn’t have Ph.Ds and engineers install it for them.”

The technology has gotten to the point that it can achieve 10-to-30 centimeter accuracy in industrial environments, Van de Velde said.

Pozyx Partnering With ART4L (Image: ART4L).

The RTLS Planning Suite, in four modules, generates infrastructure recommendations and installation proposals with accurate budget input, the company said.  “Cisco and others have their own planning suite for Wi-Fi.  Once installed, it is difficult to move,” Van de Velde said. “For UWB, the RTLS Planning Suite can capture the fields to allow companies to accurately know where to place their infrastructure.”

Pozyx has been working with other organizations to standardize location technology, including the Open omlox API standard, an ecosystem of suppliers, Van de Velde said.

Pozyx, with an office in Greenville, S.C., says that the European indoor location market is more mature than in the United States.  “America is a little behind.  Europe has a good ecospace for indoor location,” Van de Velde said.  “It was challenging to open an office during COVID, but the [U.S.] South is a hub for manufacturing and logistics.”

Contact: Elly Schietse, Pozyx, 32 479 761825, marketing@pozyx.iowww.pozyx.io.


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