FCC Allows Short-Range Radars in the 60 GHz Band

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has adopted new rules that allow the 60 GHz spectrum band to support such radar technology applications that alert drivers to children left in dangerously hot cars, improving mobility and health by detecting hand gestures and respiratory functions.  In addition, the new rules can assist drones in construction, emergency rescue and commercial settings, the agency said.

FCC opens more applications in 60 GHz spectrum to include emergency and construction drone applications (Photo: u-blox).

FCC said that the new rules will accelerate the time for devices to reach the marketplace for use by consumers and in commercial applications.  Other users in the 60 GHz band include unlicenced indoor/outdoor communication devices that support the WiGig standard and wireless local area networking devices.

The federal agency’s new rules allows operations beyond what it refers to as “limited types of permissible uses.”  Previously, the FCC had issued target waivers to permit such applications as “hot car” monitoring for children in vehicles.


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