Hexagon and Fujitsu Roll Out Shared Mobility Tracking System in Munich

Hexagon’s Geospatial division said that a Munich city agency is using its smart monitoring system to manage and understand the impacts of shared mobility services in the city.  Hexagon, along with Fujitsu, will provide Munich a SaaS product for tracking, visualizing and analyzing IoT data from a variety of mobility providers, the company said.

M.App Enterprise
Hexagon-Fujitsu Mobility Product for Munich (Image: Hexagon)

The unnamed product will monitor e-scooters, bikes, cars and other shared vehicles.  Hexagon, which said it was selected from14 competitors, will use its M.App Enterprise software while Fujitsu will provide the project’s infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Urban mobility tracking and monitoring isn’t going to decrease as a location market—and Hexagon said this effort with Fujitsu is the first of its kind in Germany.
  • Hexagon will also provide a “dynamic digital twin” of Munich, which allows users to receive constant updates in a real and digital setting.


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