LenelS2 Launches Indoor Location Services for Building Navigation

With many stories written about European indoor location companies, particularly during the pandemic, it is interesting to report about a large U.S.-based company’s subsidiary launching a service.

LenelS2, part of Carrier Global Corp. [CARR] rolled out its indoor location subscription-based services businesses and other organizations using its BlueDiamond mobile app for smartphones. The location service uses LenelS2’s touchless access solutions to allow users to pull up a map to determine indoor location, search for points of interest within a building and have access to turn-by-turn directions.

LenelS2’s BlueDiamond Location Service (Photo: LenelS2)

The location service, part of Carrier’s Healthy Buildings Program, allows “credentialed users” to unlock doors with voice commands.  The indoor location service is hardware-agnostic, allowing it to work with such technologies as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy and virtual beacons, the company said.

Key Takeaways:

  • The location service is an extension of LenelS2’s advanced security systems as evidenced by the secured voice commands that enable unlocking interior doors.
  • Target markets include corporate campuses, to entertainment venues, hospitals and convention centers.


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