What’s Going on With Two Location Trade Shows in One Week?

ION GNSS and INTERGEO Clash For Attendees…

We don’t usually run an opinion piece as our lead story in Location Business News. However, this week two location conferences were held at the same time, which forced companies to make hard decisions during a worldwide pandemic.

INTERGEO 2021, traditionally a GNSS survey conference that has grown to include such unmanned systems as autonomous vehicles and drones, is being held in Hannover, Germany, this week. At the same time, the Institute of Navigation’s ION GNSS+, a more technical conference with several policy sessions (one where companies “show the flag” and not necessarily do much business) is in St. Louis, Mo.

Most News Came From InterGeo in Germany (Photo: Hemisphere GNSS).

While the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has ended many conferences or postponed them (or made a virtual one of CESwhich we reported on earlier this year), it doesn’t mean that meeting planners should just go with the dates close to their past trade shows. Our advice to meeting planners: reach out to your competitors and try to schedule these conferences a few weeks apart.

While big news was few and far between at these trade shows, we have some of the product offerings in our briefs section below.


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