Michelin Mobility and Mapbox Partner in UK

Michelin Mobility Intelligence has partnered with Mapbox to provide data-driven traffic solutions for transportation departments, municipalities and engineering and consulting firms in the United Kingdom.  Michelin has been working in the United States and France on connected car and mobility data insights for government entities.

The partnership will allow road authorities to identify driving behaviors based on existing highway infrastructure.  The insights will identify specific areas on a road network where managers should concentrate their efforts to increase safety, the companies say.

Michelin and Mapbox partner for transportation data solutions in the UK (Image: Michelin Mobility).

Some of the driving events and patterns include locations with an elevated risk of vehicle “interactions,” places with an elevated risk of head-on collisions and wrong-way drivers.  In addition, the data will let transportation planners know about traffic bottlenecks on highways and off ramps.

Mapbox says its traffic data is drawn from a global user base of more than 700 million monthly subscribers.  In addition, the company said the data detects movements of vehicles on the highway, which allows for more coverage than fixed sensors.


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