TomTom Maps to Support Qualcomm Aware Platform

TomTom [TOM2] will deliver map data and APIs to support Qualcomm’ QCOM 5.48%↑ Aware platform.  Launched in February 2023, Aware was touted as a platform that allows developers and enterprises the ability to create custom products—and to combat fragmentation in the IoT industry.

The platform allows customers to gain visibility into the location and condition of their goods and assets using device-to-cloud APIs, the company said.  TomTom’s maps, combined with Qualcomm’s positioning services, allow customers to have a map visualization on personal dashboards, the company said.

TomTom’s maps will be integrated into Qualcomm’s Aware platform (Image: TomTom).

“By integrating TomTom maps with Qualcomm’s leading technologies, we enable real-world tracking and asset management applications and help power the next generation of IoT devices and the digital transformation across industries,” said TomTom’s CRO, Mike Schoofs, in a statement.

Aware features Wi-Fi- and cellular-based positioning provided through Qualcomm’s Terrestrial Positioning Service (TPS), which can be used independently or alongside GNSS, the company said.

Aware is targeted to cold chain distribution, utility asset monitoring, cargo shipment tracking, warehouse and inventory management, Qualcomm said.

Qualcomm purchased both Skyhook Wireless and PoLTE Corp. to add proprietary positioning techniques and a global signal database to the platform.  Skyhook and PoLTE, once bitter rivals, combined their technology with Qualcomm’s existing low-power location offerings.

“Location awareness is increasingly crucial to many companies and is a core component of the Qualcomm Aware Platform.  By collaborating with TomTom, we leverage industry-leading maps to help enable our customers to visualize their assets in the cloud for even the most advanced use cases,” said Rod Forter, Qualcomm’s senior director, business development, in a statement.


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