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OneNav Announces First L5-Direct GNSS Receiver Technology

Saying the product launch comes as Russia is interfering with GPS technology throughout Europe, oneNav announced the launch of L5-direct, which is directly acquiring and tracking L5-band signals.  Russian forces have been successful in using GPS blackout technology to thwart American-made drones on the Ukrainian battlefield, the company said.

oneNav rolls out L5-Direct (Image: oneNav).

Advanced L5-band signals represent a significant step forward as these signals are 6-7x more resilient to jamming and spoofing attacks than obsolete L1 C/A signals, the company said.  “Advances in GNSS technology give us the opportunity to better protect our economy, our critical industries, our military, and our E9-1-1 services from bad actors looking to exploit outdated L1 technology,” said oneNav CEO Steve Poizner, in a statement.  “In addition to providing greater accuracy, L5-band signals are more resilient to jamming and interference by design. Unlike existing GNSS receivers that must first acquire old L1 signals before benefitting from advanced L5-band signals, oneNav’s L5-direct acquires these modern signals without using any L1.”

Contact:  Ellen Kirk, oneNav, l5-direct@onenav.ai.

TomTom supports SMATS Traffic Solutions

TomTom [TOM2] has announced a new commercial deal with Canada-based SMATS Traffic Solutions, a multi-modal transportation data collection and analytics company. Using TomTom’s live and historic traffic data, SMATS’ AI-powered platform, iNode, provides its clients with advanced, highly accurate analytics for a range of use cases, from everyday operations to predictive planning and optimization, the company said.

Contact: TomTom, www.tomtom.com.

VIAVI Introduces SecurePNT 6200 With SecureTime Services

Viavi Solutions VIAV 0.00%↑ has launched the SecurePNT 6200 with SecureTime services, a resilient timing clock solution that delivers positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) used in worldwide critical infrastructure operations, the company said.  SecurePNT and SecureTime also integrates the Fugro AtomiChron timing service, which combines signals from geosynchronous orbit (GEO), low-Earth orbit (LEO) and medium-Earth orbit (MEO) GPS and GNSS constellations, the company said.

VIAVI’s SecurePNT and SecureTime with the addition of Fugro’s AtomiChron timing service (Image: VIAVI).

Key features include anti-spoofing detection and mitigation, authentication on all GNSS satellite constellations beyond Galileo OSNMA, encryption and others.

Contact:  Martin Smith, for VIAVI, viavi@sonuspr.com.

Parkopedia Expands To Middle East With Regeny Partnership

Parkopedia has partnered with EV charging solutions provider Regeny to provide Middle East drivers with charge point data in their vehicle head units, to simplify the process of locating chargers, the company said.  This partnership will initially see UAE charging data available in cars from one of the premium global automakers, providing drivers with access to half of the EV chargers in the UAE, the company said.

Parkopedia gets a big Middle East partner in Regeny (Photo: Parkopedia).

Later this year, additional markets will include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan – countries with a cumulative population of more than 200 million.  Regeny offers access to more than 50 active charging sites and aggregates nearly 2,000 charging ports across the UAE, the company said.

Contact:  Adam Calland, Parkopedia, 44(0)7838219129 E: adam.calland@parkopedia.com.

Geotab Ace Generative AI Assistant Kicks off Early Adopter Program with Enhanced Capabilities

Geotab has announced the roll-out of its Early Adopters Program for Geotab Ace, a new Generative AI assistant, slated to begin on May 7, 2024.  Geotab Ace, launched earlier this year, features enhanced response insights and introducing new capabilities, such as an understanding of advanced engine diagnostics, the company said.

Geotab Ace (Image: Geotab).

Ace was developed with Microsoft MSFT 0.00%↑, using Microsoft Azure‘s cloud infrastructure to create the product with with Azure OpenAI Service.

Contact:  Geotab, www.geotab.com/ace.

Linxup and Angi Leads Partner To Offer Fleet Management Solutions

Linxup has partnered with Angi Leads, previously HomeAdvisor, to offer home service professionals with Linxup’s GPS tracking and telematics expertise, the company said.  The partnership allows companies to optimize fleet management strategies, the company said.  Linxup’s offers GPS tracking solutions to complement Angi Leads’ platform, providing route optimization to real-time monitoring.

Contact:  Genifer Redington, Linxup, (314) 532-5604, gredington@linxup.com.

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Descartes Labs Government Selects EarthDaily Constellation Earth Observation Data

Descartes Labs and its subsidiary, Descartes Labs Government, has selected EarthDaily Analytics as a supplier for their Earth observation data to power their geospatial analytics and AI solutions.  EarthDaily’s Constellation will unlock a stream of data for Descartes Labs’ customers.

The anticipated EarthDaily Constellation is set to launch later in 2024. Their “string of pearls” configuration will enable coverage of nearly 100 percent of the world’s land masses and maritime regions every 6 hours, the company said.

Contact:  Tanya Cross, Descartes Labs, pr@descarteslabs.com.

Geoflex Launches Stream

Geoflex has rolled out Geoflex Stream, which offers industrial and government entities the ability to monitor and track assets.  The solution’s accuracy is 2 centimeters, with thresholds of 10 centimeters in 5 minutes, the company said.

Geoflex Stream offers 24/7 monitoring (Image: Geoflex).

Geoflex Stream is supported by maintenance and 24/7 monitoring, the company said.  It leverages a network of more than 120 stations worldwide.

Contact:  Geoflex, sales@geoflex.fr.

CalAmp Enhances School Bus Solutions Suite with Dispatch Monitor

CalAmp CAMP 0.00%↑ has launched its Dispatch Monitor, which integrates into the company’s K-12 suite of application solutions.  Dispatch Monitor features real-time view of route coverage, ensuring efficient operations and optimized driver performance, the company said.  Other features include snapshot of critical data points, including drivers’ clock-in status, designated routes, assigned vehicles, and support for multiple drivers or aides per bus, the company said.

Contact:  Mark Gaydos, CalAmp, mgaydos@calamp.com, www.calamp.com.

Drivewyze Wins ITS America Award

Drivewyze has received the inaugural ITS Innovation Showcase Award from the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) at the recent 2024 ITS America Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona.  The ITS Innovation Showcase Award “recognizes groundbreaking innovations and solutions that define the future of transportation.”

Drivewyze wins ITS America award (Photo: Drivewyze).

Drivewyze showcased its Smart Roadways technology, which state transportation agencies use to issue in-cab safety alerts to commercial truck drivers on upcoming road hazards.

Contact:  Doug Johnson, Drivewyze, (780) 461-3355, ext. 254, djohnson@drivewyze.com, www.drivewyze.com.

PetSafe Introduces GPS Dog Fence and Tracker

PetSafe has launched a GPS dog fence and tracking collar featuring the brand’s patented AccuGuard technology.  Guardian GPS + Tracking Dog Fence features a GPS fence option that stores as many 20 custom boundaries.

New GPS fence + tracking system available from PetSafe (Image: PetSafe).

In addition, AccuGuard combines GPS satellite data and motion detection, the company said.  The technology allows an owner to predict when a dog is approaching a fence boundary, or has breached it, the company said.

Contact:  Janna Chollet, PetSafe, (917) 826-8511,jchollet@petsafe.net.


  • Roger Lanctot has started a new position as founder at StrategiaNow.
  • NextNav NN 0.00%↑ has named Sanyogita Shamsunder COO.
  • Nikolay Mikhaylov has been named by Fugro’s as a head of GNSS R&D.
  • James Ito has been named director at Stellantis.
  • Descartes Labs has named Keith Masback to its board of directors. Masback was president and CEO of the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF).
  • Ryan Gruber has been named director of geomatics services at GeoTerra Surveying & Mapping LLC.


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