BAE Systems Awarded a $316 Million Contract for Military GPS Modules

In a $316 million contract option, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is acquiring additional BAE Systems’ advanced M-Code GPS modules.  This raises total contract funding to $641 million.

The modules provide positioning, navigation, and timing for ground troops, vehicles, aircraft, and precision munitions. The Common GPS Modules (CGM) offer anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities that enable operation in contested environments, the company said.

BAE Gets $316 Million Military GPS Module Option (Image: BAE Systems).

The award is on top of a May 2021 $325 million contract for Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) Increment 1 M-Code modules in GPS receivers through the end of the decade.  BAE Systems is delivering two M-Code GPS receivers – the Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver Engine – M-Code (MPE-M) and NavStrike-M GPS receiver. Deliveries of the MicroGRAM-M are expected in 2022 and deliveries of the Strategic Anti-jam Beamforming Receiver – M-Code (SABR-M) are expected in 2024, the company said.

Contact:  Mark Daly, BAE Systems, (603) 233-7636,


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