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Overland AI Awarded $18.6 Million U.S. Army Robotic Combat Vehicles Contract

Overland AI has received an $18.6 million contract from the U.S. Army and the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) for a two-year Ground Vehicle Autonomous Pathways (GVAP) program to develop a prototype autonomy stack for the U.S. Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV).  Overland AI will adapt its OverDrive solution to prototype autonomous vehicles capable of traversing complex terrain in contested areas without GPS support, the company said.

Overland AI grabs $18.6 million U.S. Army contract (Photo: Overland AI).

OverDrive can operate in any rugged and contested environment, including areas with limited or no communications, the company said.  OverDrive uses passive sensors to avoid detection and doesn’t need pre-mapped routes since it uses on-board sensors to interpret the surrounding terrain in real time, the company said.

Contact:  Kristen Hoff, for Overland AI, (888) 317-4687, ext. 702, kristen@firecrackerpr.comwww.overland.ai.

Telit Cinterion Launches GNSS Module

Telit Cinterion has launched its SE868K5-RTK GNSS module that is capable centimeter-level accuracy, the company said.  Designed for operation near cellular or other radios, the SE868K5-RTK is a multifrequency and multiconstellation positioning receiver.

Telit Cinterion’s SE868K5-RTK GNSS module (Image: Telit-Cinterion).

Other features include Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) capabilities and dual frequencies (L1/E1 and L5/E5).  The SE868K5-RTK module can ingest corrections generated by customers’ local base stations or streamed by corrections service providers such as Swift Navigation’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service.

Contact:  Telit Cinterion, www.telit.com.

WhereSafe GPS Launches Advanced Tracking App

WhereSafe GPS has launch of its improved GPS tracking app and a refreshed website, the company said.  The company rolled out its One Tracker that features real-time GPS tracking, customizable geofencing, and detailed history logs.

WhereSafe One Tracker with new WhereSafe GPS Tracking App (Image: WhereSafe).

In other company news, WhereSafe GPS has revamped its website, wheresafe.com, to streamline the shopping experience for GPS tracking solutions, the company said.

Contact:  Shaun Gratrix, WhereSafe GPS, (416) 805-9265, shaun@wheresafe.comwww.wheresafe.com.

U-blox Launches Bluetooth Modules

Thalwil, Switzerland-based u-blox [SIX:UBXN] has launched its ALMA-B1 and NORA-B2 modules that are based on the latest generation nRF54 Series Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) from Nordic Semiconductor. They both support Bluetooth LE 5.4 and Thread/Matter technologies.

u-blox launches two modules for IoT applications (Image: u-blox).

ALMA-B1 and NORA-B2 are designed for a wide range of IoT applications, including industrial automation, healthcare, and smart home, the company said. In an indoor positioning example, ALMA-B1 could act as an anchor point due to its processing capabilities, while the power efficiency of NORA-B2 makes it suitable for asset tracking tags, the company said.

Contact:  Natacha Seitz, u-blox, 41 76 436 0788, natacha.seitz@u-blox.com. 

Sanborn Geophysics Offers TDEM System

Sanborn Geophysics’ helicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) system supports minerals, metals, groundwater, and geological hazard mapping.  The compact size of Sanborn Geophysics TDEM shortens the time for deployment and makes it suitable for all types of terrain, the company said.

The Sanborn Geophysics helicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic (Photo: Sanborn).

The company also offers its Integrated Multi-Parameter Airborne Console (IMPAC), which is a navigation and real-time data acquisition system that integrates MMS-8 magnetometer processing for geological structures and hazards mapping.

Contact:  Tom Harrington, Sanborn Geophysics, tharrington@sanborn.com, https://sanborn.com/sanborn-geophysics.

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Penguin and ZulaFly Partner

Penguin Location Services and ZulaFly have partnered to offer healthcare location-based workflow and safety solutions.  Penguin offers location-based products supporting enterprise navigation, real-time locating, and safety applications. Penguin’s AI/ML algorithms allow 5.1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled devices to be leveraged as a high-performance location transponder, the company said.

Contact:  Penguin Location Serviceswww.penguinin.com.

Spatial Technology Solutions Announces Upgraded GPS Tracking Services

Spatial Technology Solutions (STS) has announced upgrades to its GPS tracking services in Bahrain.  The improved GPS technology offers more precise and reliable real-time tracking, allowing users to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicles at any given time, the company said.  The upgraded system also boasts advanced geofencing functionalities, the company said.

Contact:  Ahmed Zainal, Spatial Technology Solutions, 973 1778 9409, ahmed.zainal@sts-int.net, https://sts-int.net.

ATrack Technology Launches Telematics Devices

ATrack Technology is rolling out telematics solutions at Embedded World 2024 that include the AK750 AI telematics box, which supports both GEO and LEO connectivity with LTE redundancy, the company said.

The AK750 GEO/LEO AI Telematics Box (Image: ATrack).

The AK750 GEO/LEO AI telematics box addresses connectivity challenges in remote environments, especially in rural or remote areas lacking cellular or fiber infrastructure, the company said.

Contact:  ATrack Technology, 886-2-2797-5852, marketing@atrack.com.tw.

GNSS-Based On-Board Units Deployed for Road User Charging Exceeds 7 Million Units

Berg Insight, in a new study, says GNSS-based RUC/ETC systems that are in operation or about to be launched in the relative near-term are found in Europe, but there are also programs in operation in North America and Asia-Pacific.  Berg Insight estimates that the installed base of GNSS-based on-board units deployed for road user charging reached more than 7.4 million units worldwide in 2023.  Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3 percent, the installed base is forecasted to reach almost 10.6 million units in 2028.

Contact:  Johan Fagerberg, Berg Insight, 46 31 711 30 91, johan.fagerberg@berginsight.com.


  • ORBCOMM has announced that Christian Mezger has joined the company as CFO.
  • Brightly, a Siemens company, has named Christine Engle, senior vice president of people and organization; and Nigel Hughes, head of product.
  • CONTROLTEK has named Brian Gross as its CFO.
  • Veriff has announced the appointment of Jeffrey Guy as president and COO.
  • Pointr has named Sasha DeMarino as vice president of customer success.
  • Dwight Hakim has joined MOTER Technologies as vice president, insurance business development.
  • Andy Marchant has been named director of product marketing at TomTom.
  • Stass Borm has been named global human resources director – Project Management and People Operations with HERE Technologies.


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