TomTom Launches Maps Platform, Announces 2.4 Billion Euro Auto Revenue Backlog

Company says announcement one of its most important in 30 years…

Saying that improved maps will make it more competitive, TomTom [Tom2] today launched a new Maps Platform.  The new maps will offer broader geographic coverage, an extended set of supported data types and faster update cycles, the company said.

TomTom, which plans to offer the new platform in the second quarter of 2023, says the maps will allow developers to build on it with location technology and develop an ecosystem that supports partners with shared data.  The platform will use machine-learning techniques and AI to speed up the mapmaking process to keep pace with challenges, the company said.  In addition, the company said the new maps will bring its data together with those from “super sources” that include OpenStreetMap.

TomTom’s new Maps Platform offers new data from such sources as OpenStreetMap (Image: TomTom).

The collaboratively sourced map data will become part of the TomTom base map, which everyone in the data pool will build on, the company said in a blog.  “This base map includes all the basic geometry — like roads and building footprints — that you need to start building on top of to create a use case-specific map,” the blog said.

During an investor’s meeting, CEO Harold Goddijn reported a 2.4 billion euro automotive backlog that will serve as a strong foundation for accelerated revenue growth.  This is good news for the company, which has suffered quarterly losses, stock price drops and employee layoffs this year.

TomTom also replaced its “hands” with a position icon logo (Image: TomTom).

Overall, the company, which said the announcement was one of its most significant in 30 years, said it was not competitive in such markets as Japan.  “Until now Japan was out of reach.  It was too expensive and a difficult market,” Goddijn said.  “We are starting to enter with an impressive base map.  Where we can improve it with other sources.”


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