Radar Details Whataburger Partnership

Geofencing provider Radar has announced a partnership with fast food chain Whataburger to improve customer experience through location-based data.  Radar is providing geofencing capabilities to include real-time customer pickup estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and automatic arrival detection.

A customer has to place a mobile pickup order and opt in to location tracking.  After that, the burger chain can use Radar’s technology to track a customer to the pickup to allow kitchen staff to prepare the order in time.

Radar is partnering with Whataburger for geofencing tech (Image: Radar).

Whataburger has said that location-tracked orders have increased by 25 percent.  The company said that more than 80 percent of their app users opt into location services.

The company also announced a partnership Cordial, a marketing platform that allows brands to automate marketing strategies.  The companies will combine Radar’s location infrastructure with Cordial’s marketing and data platform to send location-triggered or location-targeted messages to increase conversions.


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