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Taco John’s Introduces Location-Based Order Fulfillment

Fast Mexican food giant Taco John’s has partnered with Flybuy to introduce location-based order firing to the industry.  By adding Flybuy’s technology allows Taco John’s to optimize the order fulfillment process by automatically firing the order to the kitchen when the customer is within close proximity.  Flybuy provides location technology insights that predict the exact time the kitchen needs to begin preparing the order, the company said.

Contact:  Laurel Getz, Flybuy, (203) 767 5963, laurel.getz@gmail.com, www.flybuy.com.

Hacobell Integrates HERE Location Services

HERE Technologies and Japanese logistics tech leader Hacobell will integrate HERE’s Location Services to power its logistics Digital Transformation (DX) system that connects shippers to carriers and drivers.  The Japanese logistics industry is facing a major turning point triggered by the implementation of the Work Style Reform Act, which limits drivers’ overtime hours to 960 a year, the company said.

New Japanese government regulations spurring rise of location technology (Photo: HERE Technologies).

Hacobell has implemented HERE Location Services for its map data, scalability to manage large datasets, performance and range of configurable features, the company said. These location features enhance vehicle dispatching and route planning operations, the company said.

Contact:  Camy Cheng, HERE Technologies, 65 9088 4127, camy.cheng@here.com, www.here.com.

RTX introduces Collins Airport Surface Awareness System

Collins Aerospace, an RTX RTX -0.94%↓ business, has introduced the Airport Surface Awareness System for real-time tracking, monitoring, and recording of both aircraft and ground support equipment at airports.  Key features include aircraft tracking with automatic dependent surveillance that uses broadcast and radar feeds from both approaching aircraft and those on the ground for surface monitoring.

Collins Aerospace’s Airport Surface Awareness System (Image: Collins Aerospace).

Other features include asset tracking and an interactive map application that uses geofencing to allow operators to set up location and speed restrictions, the company said.

Contact:  Collins Aerospace,  corporatepr@rtx.com.

Ispace Europe Signs Payload Services Contract With CDS

Ispace Europe has signed a payload services agreement with Control Data Systems SRL (CDS) to transport precise location measurement equipment to the Moon, the two companies announced. CDS’ technology, which combines precision localization with telecommunications, uses Ultra-Wideband for determining positions because of lack of a GPS-like system on the Moon, the company said.

Julien Lamamy, CEO of ispace-Europe and Ovidiu Ratiu, Founder and CEO of CDS at a meeting in Luxembourg. (Photo: ipace-Europe).

The technology will be integrated into the APEX 1.0 lunar lander as part of ispace technologies’ U.S. Mission 3, currently scheduled for 2026.  A lunar rover will transport the CDS equipment on the surface to test the localization technology using an antenna that will remain on the APEX 1.0 lander, the company said.

Contact:  Andrew Ames, ispace, pr@ispace-inc.comwww.ispace-inc.com.

Parkopedia Expands Partnership With BMW Group

Parkopedia has expanded its partnership with BMW Group to provide EV drivers with additional EV Point of Interest (POI) data.  This new functionality provides EV drivers with photos and ratings for charging locations, alongside Parkopedia-provided  information such as the precise location of the charger, the charging speed, connector type and dynamic data including charging availability and whether units are operational or out-of-order.

EV charge-optimized route planning now with additional charge point location data from Parkopedia (Image: Parkopedia).

Parkopedia now provides coverage for Spain, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg, adding to the previous coverage in Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. The service will shortly be expanded to new markets, addressing global driver demand for an improved EV charging process, the company said.

Contact:  Adam Calland, Parkopedia, 44(0)7838219129, adam.calland@parkopedia.com.

Calian Integrates Point One Navigation’s Correction Service

Calian, formerly Tallysman Wireless, has integrated Point One Navigation’s Polaris RTK Correction Service into their latest antenna release.  The antennas are used for such applications as precision agriculture and autonomous vehicles.

Calian is integrating Point One’s Polaris RTK Correction Service into latest antenna (Photo: Point One Navigation).

By using RTK, positioning accuracy can be improved to about one centimeter, the company said.  For the end user, this means an all-in-one, real-time positioning system that can provide accurate measurements for everything from detailed construction surveys to self-driving race cars, the company said.

Contact:  Mark Shapiro, for Point One Navigation, (619) 249-7742, mshapiro@pointonenav.com, www.pointonenav.com.

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Sheeva.AI and VehicleCar Enable Booking and Payment for Car Washes

Sheeva.AI and VehicleCare have announced that they have enabled booking and payment for car washes as a new service using Sheeva.AI’s platform.  The car washe announcement follows Sheeva.AI’s news earlier this spring that owners of the Citroën C3 Aircross AT can purchase fuel at many Indian gas stations, allowing payment, confirmation and rewards all from inside the car, the company said.

For VehicleCare, the partnership provides a new opportunity in an increasingly omnichannel marketing universe for car wash operators, the company said.  Sheeva.AI’s platform is currently in production in India.

Contact:  Trevor Curwin, Sheeva.AI, (415) 646-6063, tcurwin@sheeva.ai.

AEye Partners With LITEON

AEye LIDR -4.83%↓ has announced a partnership with LITEON Technology to provide the company with a customer channel and industrialization partnership. Both companies will supply AEye’s 4Sight-based lidar products to automotive OEMS through automotive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Contact:  Leigh Bannister, AEye, (925) 400-4366, lbannister@aeye.ai.

Ecotrak Launches Location-Sharing Services

Ecotrak has launched a suite of inventory, dispatch and technician management solutions. The new tools provide multi-site businesses with real-time visibility to inventory levels, dispatch operations and internal technician activities, the company said.

Ecotrak introduces inventory, dispatch and technician management solutions at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show (Image: Ecotrak).

Key features include real-time location-sharing services for internal technicians. This enables customers to assign and dispatch technicians with the right skills who are closest to the job, the company said.

Contact:  Shawna Moore, Ecotrack, (310) 365-7634, shawna@ecotrak.com, www.ecotrack.com.

ARway SDK 3.1 Provides Location-Based Augmented Reality Navigation

ARway.ai has launched its ARway V3.1 update to its spatial computing platform that provides augmented reality navigation and immersive experiences.  The new V3.1 updates include improvements to the range and accuracy of AR experiences across large scale venues and increased speed of deployment of AR indoor navigation experiences, the company said.

ARway V3.1 includes improvements to navigation (Image: ARway.ai).

V3.1 also includes improved route guidance to redirect users back to correct routes if they stray, the company said.  The new Mini Map feature offers a real-time preview of the navigation route, displayed below the AR navigator for improved Visitor orientation.

Contact:  Evan Gappelberg, ARway.ai, (866) 274-8493.

SpacePNT Completes In-Orbit GNSS Receiver Tests

SpacePNT has announced the completion of the in-orbit validation tests of its NaviLEO spaceborne GNSS receiver.  The GNSS receiver is designed to deliver decimeter-level positioning and ns timing accuracy in LEO for GTO/GEO/Moon missions, the company said.

SpacePNT’s NaviLEO spaceborne GNSS receiver (Image: SpacePNT).

After its successful deployment in low Earth orbit onboard its hosting Orbital Transfer Vehicle (D-Orbit ION OTV SCV-011 satellite) on June 13, 2023, a series of experiments have been conducted to successfully validate the key functionalities of the radiation tolerant technology, the company said.

Contact:  SpacePNTinfo@spacepnt.com, www.spacepnt.com.

Azuga Telematics Whitepaper for Auto Insurers

Azuga has announced a white paper that shows how telematics can help U.S. commercial auto insurers with profitability.  The white paper examines global insurance trends, the reasons for adopting the IoT paradigm and the current state of the U.S. telematics market, the company said.

Contact:  Tami Strand, Azuga, 858-997-1234, tamistrand@azuga.com, www.azuga.com.


  • The Open Geospatial Consortium has announced the appointment of Peter Rabley as CEO.
  • Ericsson ERIC 0.00%↑ has announced that Fadi Pharaon, senior vice president and head of market area Middle East & Africa, will leave the company to pursue other opportunities.
  • Guillermo Perez-Iturbe has been named vice president of marketing and customer support at PTx Trimble.
  • Lantronix has announced that Mathi Gurusamy will be chief strategy officer. Gurusamy was CEO and COO at Mobilogix and Telit Cinterion, respectively.
  • Pete Wilson has been named head of channel strategy and sales – cyber, cloud & IoT at Telefónica Tech.
  • Kris Bellinghausen has been named senior director, product planning & strategy car audio aftermarket at HARMAN International.
  • Jodi Ward has been named AirIQ director of sales.


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