Mapbox Touts Springs Product Rollouts

Among several spring release products and enhancementsMapbox says its Mobile Maps SDK Flutter Plug-in and advancements in Search Box API are the most important new features for developers.  Search Box, which Mapbox says has attracted thousands of developers, added location data coverage in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Mapbox Search Box API for location search (Image: Mapbox).

“The Mobile Maps SDK Flutter Plug-in allows developers who use Flutter to sync maps across mobile platforms, instead of having to code individually for iOS and Android, which increases efficiency by streamlining the process,” said Alex Barth, Mapbox vice president of automotive. “Mapbox’s enhancements in Search bring a wealth of data about addresses and points of interest and can be fine-tuned for whatever location experience our developers are building.  Search Box API really simplifies a developer’s ability to to add search to a map, while Search SDKs made it much easier to add search specifically to mobile apps on iOS and Android.”

Other spring release product rollouts include Mapbox Boundaries, which now includes a flat file option in GeoJSON format, enabling deeper geospatial analysis, the company said.  In addition, Mapbox rolled out a Geocoding version 6, which allows unit-level geocoding; Movement version 4 that increases data density and coverage in metropolitan and rural areas; and Snowflake Native App 2.0, which features Distance & Duration and Isochrone tools.


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