Tile Owner Launches Satellite Tracking Service

It looks like Bluetooth tracking company Tile is going with a satellite-based solution to compete with Apple’s AAPL -0.12%↓ Find My network and Google’s GOOG 0.93%↑ Find My Device service.

Life360, the family locator service company that bought Tile in 2021 for more than $200 million, has announced a partnership with satellite company Hubble Network.  Life360 plans to launch Find with Lift360 on Hubble’s satellite network—with the newest Tile trackers part of the new tracking service.

Bluetooth tracking company Tile is going to be on the Hubble Network, competing with both Apple and Google (Image: Tile).

Hubble, which currently operates two satellites, plans to launch 96 more by 2028.  Life360 said it plans to leverage that satellite infrastructure for Find Life360, which will be offered to the 66 million smartphones in the company’s global network.

Life360 isn’t worried about going against the two tech giants, saying the satellite tracking network has the “potential to herald a new era in location tracking and surpass the finding network capabilities of Apple and Google.”

When it announced the launch of a revamped Find My Device, Tile was named as one of the three compatible companies that could offer tracking devices on Google’s network.


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