Google Maps Releases New Electric Vehicle Location Feature

Google Maps GOOG -0.89%↓ last week rolled out an updated version for Android and iPhone that is packed with new features, including the ability to search for electric vehicle stations with fast chargers.

Users can search for “EV charging stations” and select the a fast charger filter to see where chargers 50kW or higher are located.  They filter also allows drivers to find out if charging plugs are compatible with their electric car.

Google Maps adds electric charger location feature (Image: Google).

While the company rolled out its Live View in September, Google said the feature will start launching this week in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Toyko on Android and iOS.  The company says the feature will allow users to tap on the camera icon to see nearby stores and coffee shops, banks, ATMs and others.  AR-powered directions and arrows show the users where the features are and how far away.

Google also launched an “accessible places” setting on its Maps app.  The function, crowdsourced from its Google Maps community, to allow users to find what businesses have wheelchair accessible entrances, seating, restrooms and parking.

Other new Google Maps location features include:


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