Mapbox Standard Launched

Mapbox rolled out the Mapbox Standard core style last week to enable 3D mapping with lighting capabilities, landmark 3D buildings and a symbolic aesthetic, according to a company blog.  The core style, currently in public beta, offers enhanced wayfinding and spatial orientation for users, the company said.

Mapbox Standard offers four lighting presets:  day, night, dusk and dawn.  The company said as the sun moves, based on a specific location, shadows shift and highlight areas of the map, according to the blog.

Mapbox Standard features lighting presets that shifts shadows and highlights map areas (Image: Mapbox).

Some of the lighting includes flood and entrance lights for night use.  Mapbox says the dynamic lighting helps developers and designers to eliminate the need to maintain a transition between day and map styles.

Mapbox Standard also includes famous landmarks worldwide, with more being added each month, the company said.  The landmark buildings can be integrated into a map and also respond to lighting changes.

Mapbox Standard, which is accessible in a pre-release version on the company’s web and mobile SDKs, developer use cases are in travel planning, real estate, urban mobility, fitness, news and media, on-demand delivery and automotive.


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