Samsara Sues to Stop Patent Infringement, Halts $300 Million Geotab USPS Deal

Alleging ongoing intellectual property theft, San Francisco-based Samsara IOT -0.80%↓ has filed a lawsuit against Motive Technologies.  The fleet management company also contends that Motive conducted false advertising and “other illegal conduct.”

Specifically, the lawsuit, filed in a Delaware federal court, alleges that Motive, a dashcam and GPS provider, basically took Samsara’s product line and business strategy.  Samsara also believes that Motive illegally accessed Samsara’s platform to copy marketing materials.

Samsara alleges Shoaib Makani, left, and Jairam Ranganathan, right, unlawfully accessed it’s technology (Image: Samsara).

Samsara also alleges that Motive compromised security data for its IoT devices, data platform and features. The company says it has records to show that Motive employees viewed Samsara’s dashboard more than 20,600 times from 2018 to 2022.

Fireworks in $300 Million USPS Telematics Case…

Earlier this month, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims halted Geotab USA’s performance of a $300 million telematics fleet tracking device contract for the U.S. Postal Serviceaccording to published reports.  Samsara protested the award last March.

“The agency must re-evaluate Samsara’s proposal, conduct a new best value trade-off determination, and a make a new award decision if necessary, the court’s Friday judgment says,” according to Bloomberg Law.

For its part, Geotab USA is seeking to join the US Postal Service in defense of the procurement.  According to Bloomberg Law, Geotab filed an unopposed motion to intervene with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims last week, while Samsara filed its protest under seal.


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