Hivemapper Collects 1 Million Kilometers of Street-Level Imagery

Hivemapper has announced that it has collected more than 1 million kilometers of unique street-level imagery.  The company says it has done this in just the past three months—and noted it took Google Street View GOOG -0.68%↓ more than five times as long to collect the same data.

Hivemapper says its Hivemapper Map contributors have mapped unique places where Google Street View does not have coverage.  The company believes that as more individual contributors join its Hivemapper Network, the underserved regions mapped will be a huge market differentiator.

Hivemapper has collected more than 1 million kilometers of street-level imagery (Image: Hivemapper).

According to a blog, the company will soon launch Hivemapper Fleets, to add fleet managers and drivers.  “Fleets are more likely to collect better quality imagery because they will mount the Hivemapper Dashcam,” the blog said.  The company believes the next 10 million kilometers mapped will come from fleet data.

The company also said that its coverage is better, saying 50 Uber drivers in London can generate 10,000 to 15,000 unique road miles per week to its network.  In addition, mail delivery vehicles can be added to the network as they visit most parts of a given city each day.


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