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EU Report Stresses Importance of GNSS Alternatives for PNT

The European Union’s Joint Research Centre released a new report highlighting its 2021-2022 tests of Alternative Position, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) technologies.  Seven companies’ technologies were tested to address vulnerabilities and serve as a complement to GNSS, which the EU says would damage the continent’s economy if compromised.

JRC said that NextNav’s NN -4.78%↓ TerraPoiNT was hailed as a solution that met or exceeded all benchmarks to serve as a resilient layer to existing GNSS technology, the company said.  Tests by the U.S. Department of Transportation also found TerraPoiNT to be the only commercial PNT alternative to meet identified requirements, the company said.

Contact:  NextNavmedia@nextnav.comhttps://nextnav.com/eu-report-stresses-importance-of-gnss-alternatives-for-pnt.

Septentrio Announces Agnostic Corrections Partner Program

Septentrio has launched the Agnostic Corrections Partner Program to facilitate the use of its receivers with various high-accuracy services, offering varying levels of accuracy, coverage and delivery methods, the company said.  The program allows integrators and users to select the most suitable service for their applications and business models.

The program features Point One’s PolarisSkylark from Swift Navigation and u-blox’s PointPerfect.

Contact:  Septentriowww.septentrio.com.

SuperCom Grabs $7.1 Million Order From Romania

SuperCom SPCB 0.00 has received a $7.1 million order from Romania’s Ministry of Interior for its National Electronic Monitoring (EM) project.  The project includes the deployment of SuperCom’s PureSecurity EM Suite for domestic violence monitoring, GPS tracking of offenders and a home detention monitoring program.  After successfully completing the project’s first phase and delivery of the initial order valued at more than $8 million, this second order is expected to be delivered in the first half of this year, the company said.

Contact:  Kirin Smith, for SuperCom, ir@supercom.com, www.supercom.com.

Bettermile Uses HERE Location Data

Bettermile and HERE Technologies announced the extension of their partnership to improve last-mile delivery. Drivers use Bettermile to access detailed location data and geocoding from HERE tailored for fleet delivery, the company  said.

Bettermile and HERE extend partnership (Image: HERE Technologies).

HERE location data and services are directly integrated via the HERE platform, providing Bettermile users with traffic, routing, location and address data. This data is incorporated into Bettermile’s dynamic route calculation and real-time tracking in Europe.

Contact:  Zara Barlas, HERE, 49 175 260 6210, zara.barlas@here.com.

PDi Digital Partners with Quuppa

Austrian IoT specialist PDi Digital has partnered Quuppa to integrate technologhy into sepioo displays, which collects data to provide a digital map of real-time location and display information. The display can be used to trigger automated actions when objects travel a defined distance, or if they enter or leave geofenced areas, the company said.

Quuppa Buetooth based AoA technology provides location data down to sub meter accuracy for the  displays, the company said.  Markets include logistics, manufacturing and other areas of Industry 4.0.

Contact:  Silvia Meinhart, PDi Digital, silvia.meinhart@pdi-digital.com.

Admiral and CMT Expand Partnership

United Kingdom-based car insurance provider Admiral has extended its partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to launch LittleBox Pod, a new telematics offering.  The unit works with the Admiral app to give drivers feedback on each trip and provides a score that indicates their driving safety, the company said.

Admiral’s LittleBox Pod (Photo: Admiral).

Drivers can follow their progress in the app and improve their score, which can reduce insurance premiums.  LittleBox Pod doesn’t need professional installation, the company said.

Contact:  CMT, (800) 941-7177, info@cmtelematics.comwww.cmtelematics.com;
Matt Fiorentino, CMT, mfiorentino@cmtelematics.com.

Carbyne and Bosch Partner For Emergency Services in Latin America

Carbyne has partnered with Bosch Service Solutions to provide enhanced eCall capabilities to Bosch clients in Latin America.  Carbyne will integrate its platform with Bosch’s telematics system to provide emergency response services for customers. The collaboration allows Bosch customers to automatically send information, including location, vehicle model and number, and direction of travel, to emergency services in the event of an accident or other emergency, the company said.

Contact:  Carbynewww.carbyne.com.

Hexagon Releases GNSS Reference Book

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division has released a third edition update to their reference book titled “An Introduction to GNSS: A primer in using Global Navigation Satellite Systems for positioning and autonomy.”  Written by industry experts at Hexagon, the third edition includes updates to the various GNSS, recent technology advancements to enhance positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) accuracy, and a new chapter on the growing field of automotive autonomy, the company said.

New GNSS reference book from Hexagon (Image: Hexagon).

“An Introduction to GNSS” is available as both an eBook at https://resources.novatel.com/intro-to-gnss/2023.

Contact:  Jessica Fielding, Hexagon, (403) 919-3388, Jessica.fielding@hexagon.com.

NavVis Integrates 3D Representations Into NVIDIA Omniverse

NavVis has announced it is working on an integration for NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for building and operating industrial metaverse applications, to enable streaming large-scale reality-capture data for factories. Combining NVIDIA Omniverse with NavVis’s mobile mapping system, NavVis VLX, and spatial data platform, NavVis IVION, the collaboration aims to ensure Omniverse will have 3D representations, the company said.

NavVis IVION to provide 3D data capture for factories (Image: NavVis).

As part of this collaboration with NVIDIA, the NavVis IVION spatial data platform will be connected to NVIDIA Omniverse, enabling users to stream large-scale reality-capture data for factories, the company said.

Contact:  NavVis, www.navvis.com.

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Peak and Pebblebee Roll Out Ski Tracking Device

Peak Ski Company and Pebblebee have rolled out the PEAK Lôc8, a locating and tracking device that will be embedded within certain models of Peak’s 2023-2024 line of skis.  PEAK Lôc8 provides users with the ability to locate their Peak skis using their mobile device.

PEAK Lôc8 technology inside Peak skis (Photo: Peak).

PEAK Lôc8 devices are rechargeable and compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.  Pebblebee partnered with Peak to license their technology along with their patent portfolio.

Contact: Pebblebee, partner@pebblebee.com, www.pebblebee.com.

SVR Tracking Launches GPS Tracking Device

SVR Tracking has released its newest GPS tracking device, SVR504, which combines a self-powered device with one of the longest-lasting batteries in the industry, the company said. SVR504 enables auto dealers, lenders and insurance companies to track and recover vehicles in North America for more than 5 years, the company said.  The unit is environmentally sealed against dust, water, and high-pressure spray water intrusion, the company said.

Contact:  Jessica Satterfield-Reyna, for SVR Tracking, (972) 841-1577, jessica@thesatterfieldagency.com, www.svrtracking.com.

DeepRoute.ai Unveils Driver 3.0

DeepRoute.ai has unveiled its new Driver 3.0 solution, which successfully completed HD map-free self-driving public road tests, the company said.  It is also among the first to win a production contract from automotive manufacturers to produce autonomous vehicles for consumer use, the company said.

Car integrated with Driver 3.0 HD Map-Free (Image: DeepRoute.ai).

Driver 3.0’s D-PRO includes HD map-free operation and features such as valet park assist and point-to-point navigation.

Contact:  Corine Chen, DeepRoute.ai, corinechen@deeproute.ai.

IntelliShift Announces Procore Partnership

IntelliShift has announced a partnership with Procore Technologies that allows fleet customers to manage operations and safety within the Procore user interface, the company said.  IntelliShift’s platform enables construction companies, with mixed fleets, to manage telematics, digital inspections, vehicle and equipment maintenance, the company said.

Contact:  Ryan Driscoll, IntelliShift, ryan.driscoll@intellishift.comwww.intellishift.com.


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  • Glympse has announced that announce that CEO and president, Chris Ruff, has been selected to serve on Service Council’s Technology Advisory Board.  The Service Council relies on their Technology Advisory Board to provide technical information, advice and recommendations to their executive team and corporate board, the company said.
  • CalAmp CAMP 5.14%↑in a federal filing, announced that Anand Rau, senior vice president and CTO, “will separate from” the company. “The decision was not the result of any disagreement with [CalAmp] on any matter relating to the [company’s] operations, policies or practices,” the company said.
  • Ouster OUST 12.86%↑ named Murat Atalay as director of USA customer engagement and solutions. Atalay was global director of solutions for Quanergy. The company also named Aurélien Galicher as director of customer operations. Galicher managed customer engineering at Google GOOG -0.68%↓.


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