Companies Displaying Public Safety Tech at APCO

Several industry companies displayed technology at this week’s Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International (APCO) conference in Anaheim, Calif.  NextNav NN 15.17%↑, which recently partnered with public safety company CentralSquare Technologies, displayed its Pinnacle vertical location network.

The deal with CentralSquare is big as the company works with more than 75 percent of public safety agencies nationwide, including first responders, law enforcement, fire departments, EMS and local governments to reduce response times.

CentralSquare, NextNav partner to bring Z-axis vertical location to public safety agencies nationwide (Image: NextNav).

“We are seeing increasing interest and momentum around the need for vertical location, both to find emergency callers as well as to improve first responder safety – alongside private sector uses like campus safety, school safety, and lone worker safety,” Said Gillian Smith, NextNav vice president of marketing.  “We now have partners across the entire public safety ecosystem that have recognized the need for 3D geolocation capabilities, from incoming emergency calls to dispatch to first responders – particularly for those working in densely populated urban areas.”

NextNav, which has made a number of partnerships with such entities as Valor Systems for security and NGAVOS Systems and Vizsafe for campus location solutions, has seen its stock fall rapidly since October 2021.  “While we don’t comment on third party commentary relating to our business, as we noted on our earnings call today, we continue to see solid platform and partner adoption across the industries,” Smith said.  “Despite the challenging macro-environment, we delivered solid year-over-year growth in revenue, and continue to manage the business with an eye towards prudent cost management.”

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