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Tive and Freightflow Announce Partnership

Tive has announced a strategic partnership with Freightflow for its real-time visibility solution on all shipments.  The sensors in Tive Solo 5G trackers provide real-time location, temperature, humidity, and light exposure data, the company said.  By combining Tive’s real-time sensor data with Freightflow’s transportation metrics on carriers, lanes, and commodities, customers are able to provide higher-quality services through better decision making, the company said.

Contact:  Tive, www.tive.com.

Leica Geosystems Rolls Out Pegasus TRK100

Hexagon’s Leica Geosystems has launched its Pegasus TRK portfolio of mobile mapping solutions.  Designed for GIS professionals, the new mobile mapping system is a geospatial solution built for large-scale infrastructure measurement and digital twin creation, the company said.

Leica Geosystems’ new Pegasus TRK (Photo: Leica Geosystems).

With its mapping capabilities, the Pegasus TRK100 enables GIS professionals to visualize and understand the location of assets, to help make the right decisions, improve asset management, and support infrastructure building and maintenance, the company said. Applications include telecommunications, utilities and road maintenance.

Contact:  Leica Geosystemswww.leica-geosystems.com/products/leica-pegasus-trk.

Kyocera, Hot Pepper Mobile Integrate NextNav’s Pinnacle Technology

Kyocera International has announced the integration of NextNav NN -0.98%↓ Pinnacle vertical location technology into Kyocera’s DuraXV Extreme+ feature phone.  The DuraXV Extreme+ includes a Barometric Pressure Sensor, enabling the use of NextNav Pinnacle’s Z-axis capabilities for 911 calls.

NextNav gets into Kyocera, Hot Pepper Mobile phones (Image: NextNav).

NextNav also said that Hot Pepper Mobile has debuted its Tabasco flip feature phone, that integrates the company’s vertical location technology.  The announcement stems from Hot Pepper Mobile’s 2022 agreement with NextNav.

Contact:  Leasa Ireland, for Kyocera, leasa@lpicommunications.com, www.nextnav.com.

Hesai Technology Partners With Inertial Labs

Hesai Technology has announced a multi-year lidar sensors partnership with Inertial Labs, which selected the company to provide perception and navigation capabilities for its autonomous marine, land and aerial-based robotics systems.  Hesai’s lidar sensor solutions provide real-time 3D point cloud data for localization, obstacle detection, and path planning, the company said.  Inertial Labs’ navigation and Inertial Measurement Units provide integrated heading and ego-motion data to the lidar data stream.

Contact:  Leo Liu, Inertial Labs, leo.liu@inertiallabs.com, https://inertiallabs.com.

STEER Tech and Lightning eMotors Partner

Lightning eMotors and STEER Tech have announced a collaboration to offer autonomous functionality to Lightning’s customers.  STEER’s autonomous vehicle technology will be integrated into Lightning’s medium-duty commercial electric vehicle product line.

Lightning and STEER Tech make integrating AV system (Image: STEER Tech).

The company uses a sensor suite coupled with GPS and stereoscopic camera vision to navigate vehicles within geofenced areas.  STEER-enabled vehicles can be either remotely controlled from a singular central command or launched on a singular basis, the company said.

Contact:  STEER Tech, (240) 787-8000, media@steer-tech.com, www.steer-tech.com.

Duck Creek and Novo Insurance Partner

Duck Creek Technologies has announced today that it has been selected by telematics startup Novo Insurance for policy, billing, insights and data hub solutions.  Duck Creek OnDemand enables Novo Insurance, a subsidiary of Telenav, to bring its auto insurance products to market more quickly using its configurable open architecture platform, the company said.  Based on its LBS capabilities, Novo is currently looking to launch in multiple states in 2023, the company said.

Contact: Carley Bunch, Duck Creek Technologies, (201) 962-6091, carley.bunch@duckcreek.com, www.duckcreek.com.

Semtech and Connected Development Launch IoT Board

Semtech CorpSMTC 0.16%↑and Connected Development have launched the XCVR Development Board and Reference Design integrating the LoRa Sub-GHz Radio Transceiver.  Based on Semtech’s LoRa SX126x Series, the Development Board and Reference Design reduces time-to-market for customers.

Semtech and Connected Development roll out IoT board (Image: Semtech).

Some markets include building management, agriculture, supply chain, logistics and industrial control.

Contact:  Ron Vener, Connected Development, (781) 910-3869, ron.vener@connecteddev.comwww.connecteddev.com.

Descartes Expands BLE Tags on ULD/Pallets

Descartes Systems Group has expanded its IoT network to include Bluetooth Low Energy-powered tags placed on Unit Load Devices or pallets.  This expansion allows air carriers and ground handling agents with real-time visibility into the location and condition of air cargo shipments in transit, the company said.  The company has reported a 20 percent in active readers worldwide, with 1,300 at 200 airports.

Contact:  Descarteswww.descartes.com.

Driver Technologies Solution on Geotab Marketplace

Driver Technologies has announced the availability of its Driver Enterprise Solution on the Geotab Marketplace.  The Driver Enterprise Solution provides customers access to its dash cam app and its mobility safety features, the company said.  Through integration with Geotab, fleet managers can access their driver’s dash cam videos in the Driver Cloud on the MyGeotab platform.

Contact:  Maddie Hirsch, for Driver Technologies, driver@calibercorporateadvisers.com.

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Trimble Technology Lab Established at Swiss University

Trimble TRMB 2.40%↑ and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland have established a Trimble Technology Lab at FHNW’s School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics program in Muttenz, Switzerland.

Trimble and FHNW Establish Trimble Technology Lab in Switzerland (Photo: Trimble)

The lab brings a range of professionals, including future experts in virtual design and construction, geomatics and architecture, direct access to state-of-the-art technologies for the entire construction process, the company said.  The lab will include technologies such as the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2; GNSS receivers, controllers and tablets; robotic, universal and scanning total stations as well as laser scanners.

Contact:  Trimblewww.trimble.com.

Sanborn Launches Digital Twin Base Map

Sanborn Map Co. has released its Digital Twin Base Map for city and county governments.  Digital Twin Base Map is a high-resolution 3D map providing mapping information with the complexity of an entire city or region’s infrastructure and environment in a single, integrated data set, the company said.  Sanborn created its Digital Twin Base Maps using a combination of remote sensing data, high-quality aerial photography, and advanced machine learning algorithms.

Contact:  Jason Caldwell, Sanborn Map Co., (719) 593-0093, jcaldwell@sanborn.com

Aerometrex Lands $2.65 Million Licensing Agreement

Aerometrex Limited [AMX] has announced a $2.65 million MetroMap license agreement with Landchecker.  MetroMap’s aerial imagery is used on Landchecker’s online platform and is subscribed to by customers who use integrated products through the platform, the company said.

Aerometrex grabs $2.65 million licensing agreement (Image: Aerometrex).

This new agreement requires Landchecker purchasing a fixed number of tailored MetroMap licences.  Overall, Landchecker provides property information to more than 90,000 property professionals, the company said.

Contact: Aermetrex, https://aerometrex.com.au.

Sonitor Introduces SonitorBLU and SonitorMOBILE

Sonitor Technologies has launched its SonitorBLU Bluetooth Low Energy solution and SonitorMOBILE, a location visibility platform for positioning smart devices.  The products combine Sonitor’s ultrasound technology with BLE, effectively turning a smart phone into an RTLS tag, the company said.

Contact:  Teresa Brasac, Sonitor, (305) 776-4501, teresa.brasac@sonitor.com, www.sonitor.com.

Innoviz To Deliver Lidar for CARIAD

Innoviz Technologies INVZ 5.19%↑ is set to deliver lidar for CARIAD‘s future advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving functions.  CARIAD and Innoviz are evaluating concepts to accelerate the integration of lidar systems to improve time to market, the company said.

Contact:  Maya Lustig, Innoviz Technologies, 972 54 677 8100, media@innoviz-tech.com, www.innoviz-tech.com.

MocPOGO Changes Location For Games and Apps

MocPOGO Studio has released its location spoofer for location-based games, social and dating apps.  MocPOGO V6.1.2 allows users to change GPS location on iOS or Android devices.

MocPOGO V6.1.2 available to change location (Image: MocPOGO).

MocPOGO supports GPS joysticks, simulates movement at customized speeds and teleport location.  The software can spoof location on multiple devices, the company said.

Contact:  MocPOGO, www.mocpogo.com.


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