Septentrio Launches GNSS Products Supporting CLAS

Septentrio has launched three new products: mosaic-CLASAsteRx-m3 CLAS and AsteRx SB3 CLAS, which support Japan’s high-accuracy Centimeter Level Augmentation Service (CLAS), the company said.  These multi-frequency GNSS receivers, developed with integrator CORE, support CLAS on a single device as they receive the L6 signal, which transmits high-accuracy corrections from Japan’s QZSS constellation, the company said.

Septentrio Rolls Out GNSS Modules (Image: Septentrio).

The mosaic-CLAS receiver is a GNSS module with a very small form-factor ideal for high volume industrial applications.  Septentrio is offering various receiver types to the Japanese market including robotics, precision agriculture, construction, machine control as well as UAV.

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