Trimble and GM Say More Than 34 Million Hands-free Miles Driven

General Motors GM -0.10%↓ and Trimble TRMB 0.26%↑ announced that more than 34 million miles have been driven with Super Cruise engaged on vehicles.  GM uses Trimble’s GPS technology to enable a vehicle to maintain its lane position in different weather, the company said.

Super Cruise has used Trimble’s Real-Time eXtended (RTX) technology to deliver GNSS corrections since 2017 on the model year 2018 Cadillac CT6.  Trimble said that while standard GPS signals can have a margin of error up to 25 feet, its RTX technology removes GNSS errors in satellite data broadcasts for lane-level positioning.

Trimble’s RTX technology used in GM’s Super Cruise (Image: GM).

“Trimble RTX has been in commercial use for more than 10 years and in 2018 was the first precise point positioning correction service to log miles in a commercial autonomous driving system. It works with Super Cruise to help a vehicle maintain its lane position,” said Patricia Boothe, Trimble’s senior vice president of autonomy, in a statement.

Standard GPS signals can have a margin of error up to 25 feet, which is not suitable for vehicles that require precise absolute position information to maintain lane-level positioning. Trimble’s RTX technology removes errors in GNSS satellite data broadcasts to improve location accuracy on our roadways.



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