New Study Shows Need for Location Technology in Retail and Restaurants

A new study by Radar and Forrester Consulting says that brick-and-mortar businesses face challenges that can be solved by location data and technology.  The study, Deliver world-class customer experiences with location infrastructure,” surveyed 213 customer experience (CX) executives at regional and national retailers and restaurants.

Key findings include that location is essential for improving CX, which is a top priority over the next 12 months for retail executives.

Radar and Forrester surveyed 213 retail execs (Image: Forrester Consulting).

The study also found that companies are transforming CX using location data to integrate digital and physical experiences.  “Over the past two years, companies have changed the way they create customer experiences by implementing new technology and relying more on digital experiences,” the study said.  “More specifically, they are focused on providing more location-aware experiences and integrating digital and physical experiences.”

However, the study also indicated that most companies aren’t using first-party location data and location technology enterprisewide. “Despite location data and ability of location technology to improve the customer experience, 59 percent of respondents agree that their companies need to invest more in location technology. Furthermore, only 19 percent of respondents report their companies use location technology enterprisewide,” the study said.


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