Visioglobe Indoor Maps Used By Kuala Lumpur Aiport

France-based Visioglobe has integrated its indoor mapping technology at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as a navigation tool to allow travelers to reach their gates, amenities and other points of interests (POIs). The deal’s financial details were not disclosed.

KLIA, which one of Asia’s largest airports and Malaysia Airlines’ hub, uses the mapping technology in their app.  Some of the features include gate information, restrooms, check-in counters, restaurants and shops.

Visioglobe’s indoor maps used in KLIA’s app (Image: Visioglobe).

‍Visioglobe said the big deal about its technology is that it can deliver real-time updates to passengers via the app.  The airport, via the app, can provide live information regarding gate changes, flight delays, security check-in requirements.

KLIA said the app, with the indoor mapping technology, helps streamline operations—and give passengers a better experience.  The app, they say, allows a smoother flow of foot traffic and precludes passengers getting lost.

‍Contact:  Visioglobe,


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