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Gabb Wireless and HERE Technologies Partner

Gabb Wireless has partnered with HERE Technologies to launch Gabb Maps, which the companies are calling kid-safe mapping and navigation for all Gabb mobile phones. Gabb Maps leverages the HERE SDK to develop a customized, in-app map and routing solution with kid digital safety as the top priority, the company said.

Gabb Wireless and HERE launch Gabb Maps (Image: HERE Technologies).

Gabb Maps is customized to provide smart filtering that blocks out business information for age-inappropriate businesses such as liquor stores and blocks kids from “backdoor” access to the internet.  Users can opt-in to send data to HERE, but the child’s data is anonymous and is only used to improve the navigation, the company said.

Contact: Brandon Jeppson, Gabb Wireless, brandon.jeppson@gabb.com, www.gabb.com.

Call for Proposals: Operationally Ready Complementary PNT Services

A solicitation was issued by the DOT/OST-R Volpe Center to obtain proposals from vendors with operationally ready Complementary PNT (CPNT) services and who are interested in fielding those services for test and evaluation in the Rapid Phase of DOT’s CPNT Action Plan.  Evaluation conditions will include situations where GPS/GNSS service is disrupted or manipulated and CPNT‐specific threat vectors are introduced. Proposals are encouraged to be tailored to critical infrastructure PNT user requirements, the agency said.  The Volpe Center is prepared to make multiple awards should multiple qualified bidder proposals meet the solicitation requirements, the agency said.  Offers are due March 25, 2024.

Contact:  Volpe Centerhttps://sam.gov/opp/5d3764f0f0794a57b83c257d4caf2248/view.

ABiT and UnaBiz Partner in Japan

ABiT Corporation has partnered with UnaBiz for their smart cities and logistics sectors offerings in Japan and around the world, the company said.  The partnership will enable ABiT to create Sigfox-version of their IoT devices and solutions.

ABiT and Unabiz parterner (Image: Unabiz).

The new line of Sigfox-ready solutions will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024, in markets within and beyond Japan, through joint sales and marketing efforts, the company said.  Existing customers of ABiT and UnaBiz will have priority access to the new solutions wherever they align with their technical requirements, the company said.

Contact:  Fu ShuhuiUnaBiz Technology, 65 6386 4932, shuhui.fu@unabiz.comwww.unabiz.com.

Oxa Deploys its Commercial Self-Driving Software

Oxa has launched its Oxa Driver product in passenger shuttles in Jacksonville, Florida.  The services are a major investment in the city’s downtown area and are operated by U.S. shuttle service provider Beep in partnership with the Jacksonville Transport Authority (JTA) and the Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), the company said.

Oxa launches Oxa Driver with Beep (Photo: Oxa).

The shuttles are part of an autonomous vehicle (AV) program licensed by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Contact:  Andy Winstanley, Oxa, 44 7387 528441, andy.winstanley@oxa.tech, www.oxatech.com.

GMV Awarded £2 Million Contract

GMV has been awarded a United Kingdom contract to develop the new White Rabbit switch, an emerging open hardware technology for fiber-optic time distribution.  The contract was awarded by Innovate UK through its quantum-enabled positioning, navigation, and timing competition.

GMV awarded UK contract for White Rabbit switch (Image: GMV).

The GMV product will be used to augment and replace other technologies that currently depend on satellite navigation signals (GNSS) to meet their timing and synchronization needs, the company said.

Contact:  GMVmarketing@gmv.com, www.gmv.com.

Quuppa and OnLogic Partner

Quuppa and OnLogic have partnered to integrate OnLogic’s controllers and servers to enhance asset tracking efficiency, the company said.  The Onlogic controllers are pre-configured with the Quuppa Positioning Engine software and designed to connect to the Quuppa Site Manager. enabling secure real-time full-duplex communication and, above all, facilitating deployment ease.

Quuppa will integrate OnLogic’s Helix 500 fanless industrial computer into its positioning engine (Image: Quuppa).

As part of the partnership, Quuppa has selected the OnLogic Helix 500 fanless industrial computer as its recommended hardware platform for their positioning engine, the company said.

Contact:  Quuppa, www.quuppa.com.

Topcon Partners With ProStar, Rolls Out GNSS Receiver

ProStar Holdings has announced a technology integration with Topcon.  The integration combines ProStar’s utility mapping software, PointMan, and Topcon’s fixed and portable GNSS antennas.

Topcon’s HiPer CR GNSS receiver (Photo: Topcon).

In other Topcon news, the company launched its HiPer CR GNSS receiver designed for centimeter-level, real-time kinematic (RTK) accuracy.  The unit is tailored for professionals in the surveying, construction, engineering, forestry, and mining industries.

Contact:  Staci Fitzgerald, Topcon Positioning Systems, (925) 245-8610, corpcomm@topcon.com.

ORBCOMM Rolls Out ST 9101 Dual-Mode Terminal

ORBCOMM’s new ST 9101 dual-mode features strengthened IoT security with cellular jamming detection.  The product is suited for government and military applications, the company said.

ORBCOMM’s ST 9101 terminal (Image: ORBCOMM).

With the ST 9101 terminal comes a new cellular connectivity partner in AT&T Global, the company said.  In addition, the solution now carries an extra 32 MB of device memory, the company said.

Contact:  ORBCOMM, www.orbcomm.com.

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Lenovo Customers Can Purchase Airgain Asset Tracker

Airgain AIRG 0.00%↑ said that customers purchasing the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2 Servers now have the option of purchasing Airgain’s cellular-based AT6 Asset Tracker.  These devices will fit inside a dedicated compartment built into the server with only minimal installation.  The AT6 device leverages LTE-M cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, cellular triangulation and GPS for location services and an accelerometer, light and temperature sensor for condition monitoring.

Contact:  Martyn Gettings, Airgain, 44(0) 7831158416, www.airgain.com.

Greenville Water Uses Woolpert Survey Data

Greenville Water has contracted Woolpert to acquire bathymetric survey data of the North Saluda and Table Rock reservoirs using vessel-based multibeam sonar, the company said.  The proactive data collection effort will be used to compile a high-density point cloud that will help support the assessment and management of the reservoirs’ critical water supply, the company said.

The data is expected to be delivered by the end of April. The contract is now underway, the company said.

Contact:  Woolpertwoolpert.com.

Sanborn Used in Missouri Broadband Availability Map

The Missouri Department of Economic Development’s (DED) Office of Broadband Development (OBD) has launched the first version of the new Missouri Public Broadband Availability Interactive Map, which uses Sanborn Map Company’s Broadband Navigator technology.  The project allows the public and private sectors to find out about broadband availability.

Contact:  Thomas Harrington, Sanborn Map Company, tharrington@sanborn.com, www.sanborn.com.

GeoCue and CHC Navigation Launch TrueView 540

GeoCue and CHC Navigation have launched TrueView 540, a survey-grade lidar system for the North America market.  The solution features a lidar payload with LP360 3D Point Cloud Processing Software.

TrueView 540 aerial surveying system (Image: CHC Navigation).

TrueView 540 is a next-generation aerial surveying system that is the result of six years of development, the company said.  It features fast and accurate acquisition of 3D data, the company said.

Contact:  CHC Navigationwww.chcnav.com.


  • Driivz has appointed Blake Jessen as vice president of North America.
  • Tony Frazier, who led Maxar Technologies’ Earth Intelligence business, was named CEO at space mapping firm LeoLabsDan Ceperley, who co-founded LeoLabs in 2016, will become COO.
  • Ashutosh Pande has been named to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Blockchain and Web3 Advisory Council.
  • Yllka Shkupolli has been named customer success manager at Bintel AB. Shkupolli was with Combain Mobile ABWorxmate and Traxmate.
  • Deb Rozeboom has celebrated 20 years at GeoComm. Rozeboom is product manager of Public Safety Applications and GIS Services.


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