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Septentrio Partners With UAV Manufacturers

Septentrio is partnering with several major drone solutions providers, including 3DRHolybroARK Electronics and Systork, to prototype or integrate its mosaic GNSS receiver into UAVs.  The company, which exhibited at this week’s AUVSI Xponential conference, integrated GNSS products into Holybro H-RTK mosaic-H (dual antenna heading), 3DR mosaic-X5 CAN GPS, Systork Linnet mosaic-X5 and ARK mosaic-x5 GPS.

Septentrio is working with drone providers 3DR, Holybro, ARK Electronics and Systork (Image: Septentrio).

The Septentrio products offer UAV-centered features such as magnetometer, barometer or UAVCAN communication, the company said.  The modules feature anti-interference technology AIM+.

Contact:  Septentrio, www.septentrio.com.

Sequans Integrates Module Into Abeeway Tracker

Sequans Communications SQNS 5.77%↑ has announced that Abeeway has adopted its Monarch 2 GM02S module to provide low power cellular IoT connectivity for a new version of the Abeeway Compact Tracker.  The tracker now combines LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity from Sequans with GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, Bluetooth and LoRa technologies.

Sequans’ Monarch 2 GM02S module (Image: Sequans).

The Abeeway Compact Tracker is designed for heavy-duty tracking and provides ubiquitous indoor and outdoor geolocation with low power consumption, the company said.  It provides real-time tracking and status monitoring of many types of industrial assets, including vehicles, machines, equipment, and livestock, and provides advanced geofencing and anti-theft features, the company said.

Contact:  Kimberly Tassin, (425) 736-0569, kimberly@sequans.comwww.sequans.com.

HERE Publishes Annual Sustainability Report

HERE Technologies has announced its fourth Annual Sustainability Report, which highlights ESG initiatives that have been embedded in the company’s corporate strategy and business operations.  The report shows that HERE deepened its work alongside global automakers and transportation and logistics companies on electric vehicle technologies, optimized route planning, fleet CO2 emissions reductions and improving road safety, the company said.

HERE collaborated with public sector agencies on traffic management, alongside passenger and commercial vehicle makers and mobility providers, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (Image: HERE Technologies).

The report also summarizes how HERE made progress towards its net-zero emission target; strengthened its data security and privacy-by-design capabilities for customers; expanded employee workplace inclusion, diversity and community give back initiatives; and fortified company policies on ethical sourcing and supply chain best practices, the company said.  The company in 2023 continued its collaboration with public sector agencies on traffic management, alongside passenger and commercial vehicle makers and mobility providers, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), the company said.

Contact:  Jordan Stark, HERE Technologies, (312) 316-4537, jordan.stark@here.comwww.here.com/about/sustainability.

Calian Partners With Point One Navigation

Calian Group is collaborating with Point One Navigation to offer Smart GNSS Antenna support for Polaris RTK.  With the launch of its new ST Teseo V-based TW5387 Dual Band Smart GNSS Antenna, Calian will combine its antennas with Point One Navigation’s Polaris RTK service.

Calian is integrating its smart antennas with Point One Navigation’s Polaris RTK service (Image: Calian Group).

In other company news, Calian has launched three new antennas that support GNSS.  The key new feature of the TW3000 XF family of antennas is the support for Galileo’s Global High Accuracy Service (HAS) and QZSS’s regional Centimeter Level Augmentation Service, the company said.  The company said the antennas are tailored for unmanned autonomous vehicle navigation, land survey devices, automotive positioning, timing, and other precise positioning applications.

Contact:  Calian Group, (343) 804-5333, www.tallysman.com.

Nissan Expands NissanConnect Services in Europe

Nissan its next-generation NissanConnect services into Europe.  Buyers of the refreshed Nissan Qashqai in Europe, can now experience an even more seamless and personalized experience, through the integration of services such as Google built-in, the company said.

Nissan expands NissanConnect services into Europe (Photo: Nissan).

The next-generation system features Google built-in, which allows drivers to use Google Maps and, once signed-in with a personal Google account, access their favorite locations and points of interest, the company said.  With Google Assistant, drivers can adjust functions such as the air conditioning and set navigation, the company said.

Contact:  Nissan, nissan_japan_communications@mail.nissan.co.jp.

Panasonic Launches Cirrus 2.0 Connected Vehicle Platform

At ITS AmericaPanasonic has announced the launch of Cirrus 2.0 to manage vehicle-to-everything (V2X) ecosystems.  Panasonic’s Cirrus platform offers a cloud toolkit and is marketed to state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and commercial fleet operators who seek V2X.   Features include a management platform using intelligent data collection to enable advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning insights, the company said.

Contact:  Panasonichttps://na.panasonic.com/us/smart-mobility/cirrus.

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GEODNET Grabs $2 Million in Funding

The GEODNET Foundation has announced more than $2 million in investments from CoinFundPanteraVanEck and Santiago R. Santos.  GEODNET has added 5,000 GPS/GNSS reference stations to its Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) network that is powering location and intelligent autonomy services.  GEODNET enables centimeter location accuracy which is a 100 times improvement over legacy GPS, the company said.

Contact:  GEODNETinfo@geodnet.com, www.geodnet.com

Stratom to Develop Air Force Machine Learning for Asset Tracking

Stratom has announced it has been selected by the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop the Autonomous Asset Tracking System (AATS) artificial intelligence and machine learning for camera systems to accurately identify and track military logistics assets across various environments and modes of transport, the company said.  Stratom’s initial phase of the Small Business Innovation Research project focuses on the software component.  The text spotting could be used to uniquely identify not only airplanes but any asset with an identifying number, such as rail cars, trailers or pallets.

Contact:  Stratomstratom.com.

Inpixon Rolls Out Smart Tag Module

Inpixon has launched the Swarm UWB V3 smart tag module, which supports indoor location applications, including RTLS, ranging for proximity detection and collision avoidance and two-way data communication.  The tag module operates in conjunction with the company’s RTLS anchors and full-stack Inpixon RTLS platform, the company said.

Inpixon’s Swarm UWB V3 (Image: Inpixon).

The Inpixon Swarm UWB is a miniaturized radio transceiver module that can be embedded into small tags that transmit a signal allowing them to be located in real-time. These tags can be built into wearable IoT devices — everything from wristbands and visitor badges to belt clips and mining helmets — or they can be integrated into tags that are affixed to assets such as equipment for warehouses and factories, the company said.

Contact:  Inpixon, www.inpixon.com.

Bicycle Telematics Systems Growing

Bicycle telematics systems in Europe and North America will reach 3.9 million in 2028, up from 1.7 million active units in 2023, according to Berg Insight.  There are both aftermarket and OEM telematics solutions available on the market, the company said.  Bicycle OEMs have also introduced services such as predictive maintenance and vehicle diagnostics, crash detection services, over-the-air software updates and connected navigation.

Contact:  Johan Fagerberg, Berg Insight, 46 31 711 30 91, johan.fagerberg@berginsight.com.


  • Corrado Sciolla has been appointed CEO and board of directors member of telematics company OCTO.
  • Qualcomm QCOM 1.25%↑ has announced the appointment of Colin Ryan to chief strategy and corporate development officer. In his role, Ryan will have oversight of strategic planning, M&A, Qualcomm Ventures and corporate business development.
  • Spirent Federal Systems has appointed of retired Gen. David Thompson as an advisor.
  • Joel Brush has been named vice president of sales, automotive and industrial for HERE Technologies.
  • 5G Automotive Association has announced that Tim Leinmüller is its vice chair.
  • Pete Costello has been named to a business development position at Drivewyze.


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