Polte and VMware Partner to Offer 5G Precise Positioning for Open RAN

Polte has partnered with VMware to enable an Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) product for what it calls global “5G Precise Positioning,” the company said. The deal, which leverages Polte as a xApp on VMware’s RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform, plans to address the challenges of security, accuracy and seamless cellular continuity that Polte says previously created barriers to access for 5G Precise Positioning.

How Polte Works (Image: Polte).

“We plan to unlock a plethora of new global asset tracking use cases, especially within 5G Industrial and Critical IoT,” said Stephen Spellicy, VMware vice president of product marketing and business development, in a statement.

VMware’s RIC platform, championed by the O-RAN Alliance, allows operators to launch and optimize new cloud-native services and xApps, the company said.  The platform enables Polte’s location xApp to not only democratize 5G Precise Positioning, but offer a foundation for other xApps which benefit from location awareness.  “Solutions providers should think of location as a system, not a feature.” said Polte CEO Ed Chao, in a statement. “Taking a holistic approach to location at the earliest stages of any 5G deployment is fundamental to the success of offering value in 5G to enterprises.”

Contact: Christina Wicker, Polte, (949) 527-0923, christina@polte.com, www.polte.com.


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