New 72-Satellite Constellation Has Tracking Capability

Phantom Space Corporation has signed an agreement with IoT provider Ingenu to build and launch a 72-satellite constellation called AFNIO that would provide smart city and asset tracking capability.

Ingenu will host their Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) IIot payloads on the satellites that also provide products for smart grid, factory, oil and gas monitoring, mining and other market niches.

Satellites With Location Capability Will Be Launched on Phantom’s Daytona Launch Vehicle in 2023 (Photo: Phantom Space).

The company said the majority of the satellites are expected to launch on Phantom’s Daytona launch vehicle set to first launch in 2023.

Ingenu, which developed and operates a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) platform for IoT technology for IoT, is on more than 50 worldwide terrestrial networks.

Contact:  William Schmidt, Ingenu,


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