Actility, Abeeway, and Combain Partner for AI-Powered Indoor Location Solutions

ActilityAbeeway, and Combain have partnered to create solutions for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based indoor geolocation.  The Europe-based companies plan to combine their individual strengths in IoT connectivity, geolocation services and advanced positioning technology for indoor navigation.

The new indoor location solutions will leverage AI algorithms and deep learning techniques, the companies say.  For its part, Combain uses AI to “train” an artificial neural networking using geolocations.

The companies say that the demand for AI-powered indoor location services is at an all-time high.  In addition, the companies, which will cross-promote the new products, say indoor geolocation services for LoRaWAN devices will be their key area of focus.

Breaking down the areas of company focus, Actility will contribute its IoT connectivity expertise, while Abeeway focuses on GPS, Wi-Fi sniffing and BLE beacons.  Combain’s strength is its large database of cell IDs, Wi-Fi/BLE positions and indoor location solutions.


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