Companies Launch Slew of Products at Embedded World

Taoglas executives speak at Embedded World (Photo: Taoglas).

(Photo: Taoglas Execs Speak at Embedded World).

Are trade shows coming back after a two-year worldwide pandemic draught?  One example of a comeback is the number of companies attending and launching products and services at this week’s Embedded World conference in Nuremburg, Germany. 

One company, Semtech Corp. [SMTC], announced its SaaS chip-to-Cloud service, LoRa Cloud Locator, that uses Semtech’s LoRa Cloud Modem and Geolocation services. The new service gives customers a low-power solution for indoor and outdoor asset tracking use cases, the company said.

Semtech rolls out geolocation services (Image: Semtech).

“Asset tracking is one of the most common use cases across industry verticals,” said Karthik Ranjan, Semtech’s LoRa Cloud solutions and partnerships leader, in a statement.  “Whether it’s tracking wheelchairs in a hospital, shopping carts in retail, pallets in supply chain, cattle in agriculture, or pets around a home, asset tracking can be found everywhere.”

At Embedded World, several companies launched GNSS modules. Quectel Wireless Solutions has announced the release of its LC76G module, a single-band compact GNSS module.  The module, which has entered mass market production and based on the Airoha AG3352 platform, can receive signals from as many as 47 satellites and achieve 1.5-meter (CEP50 open-sky) positioning accuracy, the company said.

Quectel’s LC76G module now available (Image: Quectel).

Markets for the LC76G include wearable personal trackers, wildlife and livestock tracking, toll tags, portable container trackers, shared mobility and low-cost asset trackers, the company said.

OriginGPS rolled out its ORG4572-MK05, a new miniature GNSS module, which the company says is the smallest Flash-based module of its kind.  The ORG4572-MK05 has a 10 Hz update rate.

The ORG4572-MK05, a new miniature GNSS module, is the smallest Flash-based module of its kind and today has a lead time of just 12 weeks!
OriginGPS’ new ORG4572-MK05 GNSS module (Image: OriginGPS).

Citing worldwide component shortages, the company said it instituted a roadmap and also added two GNSS modules, the ORG1510-MK05 and the ORG4572-MKO5.  These new models are based on available chipsets and have a lead time of 12 weeks, the company said.

Nestwave Partners With Traxmate

In addition to product announcements, some deals were also made at the conference. Nestwave has collaborated with Traxmate to integrate its NestCore IP and NestCloud services with Traxmate’s asset tracking platform.  The companies say the integration will spur location technology for indoor and outdoor positioning, tracking, routing of smaller IoT devices.

The partnership also will leverage cloud-based positioning API for connected IoT devices from Combain, which is Traxmate’s parent company.  Traxmate, which connects to 1,200 different tracking devices, serves mobile network operators, product manufacturers and service providers with white-labelled and on-premises versions of its platform, including both 2D and 3D environments, the company said.

Nestwave and Traxmate integrate technologies for tracking IoT devices (Image: Nestwave).

“The collaboration opens up new possibilities for applications ranging from carrier tracking to the tracking of individual parcels and packets,” said Ambroise Popper, Nestwave CEO, in a statement.


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