Monimoto Releases Study Critical of Amazon AirTag

Monimoto has published a report detailing the challenges of using Apple’s AirTag to secure a motorcycle versus a GPS-based tracking device such as its Monimoto 7.  Monimoto, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, says that AirTag has recently been criticized for its use in stalking or following individuals against their will.

The company says that Apple’s mitigation procedures have added to the reasons to be skeptical of its ability to protect a motorcycle, bicycle or automobile.

Monimoto says GPS trackers beat Apple’s AirTag (Photo: Monimoto).

“Apple is wise to take steps to stop the use of AirTags as a way to stalk someone,” said Andrius Rimkunas, Monimoto co-founder, in a statement.   “However, these procedures, and the AirTag’s reliance on other Apple devices for location and communications, are exactly why motorcycle owners should select a different device.”

Apple AirTags use Bluetooth technology to connect to any Apple device in a nearby area.  However, Monimoto contends, unlike GPS tracking devices, that when an owner realizes that an item is missing, it could take hours after a theft for AirTag to provide its location.

“AirTags are wonderful for finding lost keys or a backpack. But our advice to riders is that a locked motorcycle and a high-quality GPS tracker is the best way to protect the investment they’ve made in their motorcycle,” Rimkunas said.

Monimoto, which says it has achieved revenue growth of 100 percent year over year for three consecutive years, has projected revenue of $5 million for 2022.  In addition, the company said it would be rolling out an updated version of its tracker this quarter.



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