Radar Partners With JOANN For Location Technology

New York-based Radar has partnered with JOANN, one of the largest brick and mortar stores with 69 million customers, to leverage location technology in stores nationally.  With Radar’s location technology, customers can locate items and place orders online if they can’t find them in-store, the company said.

Radar said the initial phase of the partnership has already been a success, with a nearly 90 percent opt-in rate for customers and more than 25,000 orders.

JOANN is leveraging Radar’s geofencing technology (Image: JOANN).

JOANN wanted to make it easier for customers to locate products through their app and make additional purchases while in a store, the company said.  By using geofencing, JOANN could validate that the customer was in a store, then display an in-app offer to fulfill their purchase through joann.com instead of visiting a competitor, the company said.

Contact: Radarradar@launchsquad.com, www.radar.com.


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